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Chattanooga Rolls Out Red Velvet For PingWi-Fi

February 1st, 2016 · Tags: Airports · Cities · Coffee Shops · Hotels · Wi-Fi


TENN Bridge sized

In my culture, Chattanooga is a word that translates as nostalgic. One of my bigger public affairs clients a few years back was based in this Tennessee hamlet and my first Wi-Fi Guy blog took me through “Nooga for a few hours. Most nolstalgic, my second visit to the home of Krystal hamburger joints, was so fly by night – a quick in and out (to make a hamburger pun.) — the way I used to blog. “The Dirty Gig”* brought me to Tennessee, but I only had one free half-day and a couple of hours one evening to explore. This is the way I used to do Wi-Fi tours … as fast as I can go, seeing as many Wi-Fi hotspots as possible.


Revelator backward sized

So, my one free Saturday morning I was up before dawn, walking from Downtown across the Market Street Bridge over the Migh-T-Tennessee River — over to a hip little retail area along Frazier, near the bank of the river. Previously, in a drive by, I had spotted a very cool little coffee shop … but in the evenings, I could never catch the thing open.

Saturday morning after a few river/bridge photographs — with temps in the low 40s, at 7.a.m. — the coffee was hot and the Wi-Fi was heating up at Revelator coffee shop. Also, like the old days, I met a very cool store manager, Adam, a Syracuse, N.Y.-transplant who managed the ’Nooga shop.

Revelator Coffee


Adam sized

I think we shared a love of bicycles, coffee, Wi-Fi and travel blogging … potential friends for sure. OF course, I had to ask him about the name. No Christian connotations, he assured me (although I think he and I differed on whether or not those connotations were a good thing.) Also, like many before me, I had to ask him if he knew the song “John The Revelator.” He did, but he DID NOT know the version by my Facebook friend, Lubbock’s Jay Boy Adams. I assured Adam that Jay Boy Adams’ version is the best.

“Joe The Revelator” in Chattanooga is very cool but friendly … a modern, minimalist design — lots of bare white walls and concrete counters and such, with a simple coffee menu and a great brew from its own beans roasted at the Birmingham, Ala., location.


Revelator would get a perfect score, if it only stayed open a little later in the evenings, for us working stiffs. You’d think it’s New Orleans roots would influence it to go all night … alas … 6 pings on the scale of seven. Maybe, just maybe, a bit too much Dave Matthews on the sound system too:)

The first time I was snooping around the closed Revelator one evening, I hit up its neighbor — Clumpies Ice Cream. I can’t say I was impressed by the name, but their treats had been highly recommended by a guy on the job. I concur. But before I rave about the Mayan Spice Chocolate creme, let me say a little about my new small-world friend at Clumpies. Another virtual BFF. Micah is the kind of person you want working at a store … So outgoing and confident, she said “hi,” launched into the company’s spiel — all conversational and sunshiny, and started a convoy of sampler spoons headed my way. One hit of her recommended favorite — The Mayan chocolate — and the other samples were just me being greedy. The decision was made. The Mayan and a little coconut cream (with real coconut flakes) to buffer the Mayan’s peppery burn. Yum!

Clumpies 2 sized


Oh … this Micah! … she lived in Fort Worth for many years, a few block from my old place, and attended the same church as my friends. She is a self-described preacher’s kid and a great ambassador for the Faith and the cream. Best of all … she “would love a PingWi-Fi t-shirt” … and one is indeed on its way to her … even though she wouldn’t arm wrestle me for a Clumpies t-shirt. I guess I am a better sport than her …

Clumpies – nice tunes on what Micah assured me was their very own Spotify channel — Foo Fighters, Weezer, perhaps some Faith No More … antique ceiling tiles, patched in places … and what has become the norm for cool places — a sliding barn door motif to hide and/or display all the cool t-shirt reserves. Hmm … the place kind of smells like cookie dough … a good thing … (but it’s actually the ironing of waffle cones).


Overall … Great place … who don’t love a nice sliding barn door and some peppery cream with an afterburn? It was looking like a perfect score, but their station played Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin.” If you want a perfect score, and you’ve just gotta play Petty, it better be the first LP – 6 pings.

Other than those Wi-Fi quickies, I spent most of my ‘Nooga time at The University of Tennessee – Chattanooga, or UTC …. The Mighty Mocs. What a great campus … seemingly almost all new, but buildings with some classic styling to them. The students … perhaps the most polite I have ever encountered … saying thanks and opening doors for “adults” and stuff like that. They were even conversational with strangers, unlike most in today’s fearful and/or attitudinal society.

But like I was saying, it was “The Dirty Gig” that brought me to Chattanooga this time. A leak in a sprinkler system had flooded onto some book in the library.

Another gig with books threatened by their mortal enemy – water … one of those deals. For five days straight — 10 hours a day, I moisture tested as many library books as possible, with a funny little electronic probe.

As always on one of the more mundane Dirty Gigs, there has to be some effort put into mental entertainment to pass the hours.

Some readers recall at the Missouri book job — in the infinite abyss — we maintained our sanity by writing Japanese haiku poetry about the fork lift … I digress:

Dirty Gig, Missouri Books

Our team relied on the books. At first, I was telling everyone that out of 200,000 books, hard to believe I had not read a single one of them. But sooner or later, I knew I would hit a pocket of Ping Culture in the books. Day five … I hit the mother load. First, I stopped to listen to a co-worker’s story, looked over, and there on the shelf right beside my head was Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead (side by side with Atlas Shrugged). This is a cool coincidence because of all the books on the planet and in this library, that is the one I am reading on my iPad currently, as of about two weeks ago. Ayn Rand — interesting stuff, and said to have been a major influencer of rock group Rush’s lyrics by Neal Peart … I digress …

Ha .. showing the age of the collection, I also saw Mein Kampf and Uncle Tom’s Cabin although not in the same section, with different authors. And for the record, neither of those are on my iPad.

Ha … I nearly spit my frappuccino out when I looked over and saw another book, titled Turning Girls To Women by some author, whose name printed on the cover is Kent. Oh the ramifications!

I didn’t check the Wi-Fi at the UTC library, I was too busy probing the books. And if I had any spare time, I would have been checking out their 3-D printer up on the third floor, anyway. But no, Kent was all work and no Wi-Fi, in that regard.

However … however, lunch was a different tune. UTC has a great student union with a food court up on the second floor. Light years above and beyond the student cafeteria of my ancient food fight days … There was Dallas Texan Jeff Sinelli’s Which Wich sandwhich shop … the Christian-oriented Chick-Fil-A … The Atlanta-based Moe’s … and mo. And yes, UTC’s food court has guest Wi-Fi.



Faith-based fast food for every palate, and Wi-Fi … The Wi-Fi splash page apologized that the system is in its beta testing iteration … so it was not expected to blow me away. But pretty good, once I was on-line. The college Wi-Fi network kind of “sniffed me out” first. I had to submit some information about me and my device, then they sent me a text message with a temporary password. Probably a good, secure plan, to monitor campus visitors. I think it took about 15 minutes before I was up and running on their Wi-Fi … 5 pings.

UTC also has a very nice Starbooks … er …. Starbucks on campus, adjoining the library where I saw the book by the author Kent. Everything was perfect, although they didn’t have the scanner to charge my account directly through my iPhone app. No biggie. Most interesting, this Starbucks makes the male baristas wear hair nets over their beards. Interesting. A contact at the health department in Fort Worth told me all bearded baristas — of either gender for that matter — are supposed to do so. Most don’t. I can only speculate on how my education might have benefitted from a Starbucks on my campus:) … I digress.

’Nooga time not spent at the library was usually at The Holiday Inn Downtown. That was not a bad thing, for anyone who had a negative opinion of the HH. This location in Chattanooga was brand new and definitely had the feel of some of the most cool boutique hotels … cool colors, modern lobby, over-eager valet parking … and free and easy Wi-Fi. I liked it.


Yes, this hotel is new and any facility takes “a minute” to work out the kinks … But, who cares how the hotel looks if they don’t change the sheets, as requested. I don’t buy that crap about re-using towels and sheets to save the planet. It’s a ploy to cut expenses, and you can quote me on that:) Also, a hint to the housekeeper. IF you notice that the decaf Keurig coffee containers are unused, and stacking up, it does not mean I am building a pyramid with them. It means I am using only the real coffee Keurig tubs … so you might want to replenish the real coffee variety. Pretty simple math, really. Also, the reason I trade out certain pillows on the bed … is because … get this, it’s how I want them. And, if you check and find that the tissue dispenser is empty, it is probably advisable to replace with a fresh box of your generic-brand, rough-ass Kleenex. Always helpful, I put out the international signal for needing more Kleenex … I stacked the empty tissue box next to the pyramid of decaf Keurig containers – 4 pings.

OH … almost forgot to mention the bleak beginning of the Chattanooga experience … My bad (on all accounts). The truth is, that I was in such a hurry to get away from the creepy dude in the seat next to me on my Delta flight to Tennessee, that I hopped off the plane, drove to the Holiday Inn, and then remembered my iPad was stowed in the seat back in front of my airline seat.


I called Delta immediately and hit the wall with an uncaring, automated voice mail system. It’s only advice — despite every attempt to get around the automated system — was to go on-line at the Delta Web site and fill out a missing possession form. I did. But was I going to sit back and relax? No way. Next I called the Chattanooga airport, talked to security and the lost and found people, who in like five seconds connected me direct to the Delta ticket agent. YES, the Delta flight crew had found the iPad when they “turned” the plane and the agent was actually holding myPad in herHand. She made me describe the Swiss Army case before she would give up any info., but after that, she too had become an instant BFF. OH there is something to be said for traveling to a small city, with a mid-size or smaller airport. I drove from the hotel to the airport in 15 minutes, parked in one minute, and had the device back in my possession in another two minutes. Try that at a major airport. Ha … and get this … despite my courtesy e-mails to Delta, they are still sending me updates on their “progress” in locating the once-lost-now-found device. Hell … I may finish reading Rand’s entire catalogue before they catch on.

So, although Chattanooga time started a little shaky with the lost handheld, it ended on a pretty sweet note — because the local Target store had one of my new favorites — red velvet Oreos! Although one of my Fort Worth FB friends was quick to point out she finds RVOs at her local supermarket, I haven’t seen the since a gig in Oklahoma last year. After the Oklahoma sighting, in jest, I have said that maybe you can only find these red, round delicacies in states where they have limited teeth … but just kidding about that. (I actually love Oklahoma and the locals …)

No sooner had I snatched up some RVOs and some other groceries (that actually have nutritional values and smaller half-lives), that the job projections changed and we were nearing the end. “That’s a given” as we often say on The Dirty Gig. IF you buy groceries … chances are you will then be sent home unexpectedly. Well … this time, I made a stand. I ate as many turkey/tortilla wraps as humanly possible in my last 12 hours in Tennessee … and I made a commitment … to increase the weight of my carry-on luggage … no matter what it took, I was taking the RVOs back to Texas with me.

Although I left a few bucks and I picked out and left all of the dark chocolate Hershey’s miniatures for the unskilled housekeeper … she wasn’t getting any of my red velvety sweetness. They packed rather nicely … and I had forgotten that I was now an Oreo smuggler … until I got to the airport security checkpoint.

I kid you not. I had become “That Guy” at the airport. I was the guy who was holding up the line at the security checkpoint. It wasn’t my Apple iPad that caused the alert. It wasn’t my work Dell computer. It wasn’t the two iPhones I carry. It wasn’t the Apple Macbook Pro, nor the Nikon D7000 camera or the two Nikkor lenses. There even was no problem with the electronic, book probe moisture meter device. Are you ahead of me? Have you guessed it?

Oh my sweet lord. There was a crazy sounding laughter, kind of a nervous country-sounding giggle coming from the security team. “What in the world?,” I heard one security guard say. Narrowly, I escaped a strip search and there were no full-cavity searches. But, the team was quite fascinated with the stacked and packaged little round. wafer-like discs in my bag … the hold up was Nabisco’s fault … red velvet weapons of mass destruction for my toothy smile. I digress …


Nooga Retail


Nooga Bike sized


Garfunkel sized

Upon take off, I said goodbye to another cool little city. Bummer … didn’t get to explore atop Signal Hill and didn’t get to see Peyton Manning’s Chattanooga mansion where he may or may not have ingested performance enhancing substances before this weekend’s Super Bowl … And I didn’t get to see Art Garfunkel in concert. The Tivoli Theatre was considering PingWi-Fi’s media credential request for “Garfarkel” at the time my plans changed. I cancelled the request. Oh well … they said if I did attend, I could not bring my camera in, at the performer’s request. What … Did Art think he might be having a bad hair day. Just kidding … love his music, for realz.


GHOST Tours sized

I said goodbye, boarded the next plane, a regional commuter headed to Atlanta for a connection and then on to Dallas. YES … both of the longer flights to and from Chattanooga had Gogo Wi-Fi …. and yes I so partook. But this one flight from Chattanooga to Atlanta had something which is so rare these days … a nice, charming, height/weight proportional, and presentable flight attendant. (Yes … I’ll say it … in spite of what the ACLU or politically correct might think of me …) But wouldn’t you know it!?! A friendly flight attendant and guess how long that lasted. The flight from Chattanooga to Atlanta was the shortest of my life … about 25 minutes gate to gate. Go figure.

Know what I sayin?

*Note: “The Dirty Gig” refers to the alternative career — disaster recovery — that keeps the PingWi-Fi travel blog on the road …

‘Cough.’ ‘Cough.’ ‘How Long Have You Had This Cough?’

January 19th, 2016 · Tags: Satire

Soon it will be time to get back out on the road for more of “The Dirty Gig,” (the disaster recovery work that helps to fund this blog) so I have been checking and updating paperwork-type things.  It was brought to my attention that I needed to update a Department of Transportation health certification so that I can operate small, commercial vehicles.

… Pretty much a formality, as long as you are still warm and have somewhat of a heartbeat, I think.

So, anywho, the medical professionals told me I passed with flying colors.  My blood pressure was normal, although just a few weeks ago I was told it was a tad high.  Hmmm … wonder if a recent visit to the kava bar had any soothing affect on the old blood pressure.  No gaskets blown … score this a success.

Are other company’s drivers subjected to this, I wondered?  And do they find it as amusing as I do?

The laugh-a-minute ordeal started from the point I was handed a little plastic cup and asked to do my thing.  Another W in the win column as I met my quota.

Then the nurse handed me a sheet of paper, and asked me to fill it out, as I stood there in the exam room.  Ha … I kid you not, the third or fourth question on the piece of paper asked: “Can you read?”

I looked at it and thought surely I was missing something, so I asked the nurse for an explanation.  Ever helpful, she read it to me aloud, “Can you read?”  I answered a question with a question, despite all previous training advising against this technique. “Which word on the page says, ‘yes?,’” I asked.  The nurse pointed to the three letters on the page (I kid you not) … and I said “Well then, I guess I should circle that one.”

Ha … I am sure she was not as amused as me … but it’s what I do.

The nurse led me to several different examination rooms and the next one apparently was the ear/nose/throat section.  I was equally entertained by the hearing test.  I was instructed to close my eyes (no lip-reading allowed) and cover one ear. (She didn’t suggest how I should cover the ear … I digress …)  Next, the nurse instructed me to listen and repeat.   At this point, the nurse whispered “A-B-C-1-2-3.” I shouted, “Michael Jackson” forgetting we were playing ear wax and not trivia.  Nevertheless, she was convinced that ear worked and asked me to cover the other one, with “no peeking.”  This time — to get back at me for being a smart ass —  I think she just moved her lips and didn’t actually say anything.  But then again, how would I know if she moved her lips, since my eyes were closed?

Ha … I said, “Could you repeat that?”  She did, and apparently just a slight bit more loudly, because I clearly heard her say, “Q-R-S” … Having no witty comeback, I just repeated the letters and she gave me good marks in the ear category … despite a lifetime of auditory canal abuse at the hands of Rush, Led Zeppelin, Triumph, Alice Cooper, The Clash, Judas Priest, Moxy, UFO, Meat Puppets, Uriah Heep, Edward Sharpe, Black Sabbath, The Replacements, Foghat, The Doobie Brothers, and so on and so forth … oh … and farm tractors.

I was led to another room …

The nurse’s only follow up to our previous conversations was telling me to “drop trow” and also she instructed me to put on some nice, blue, Tyvex-like, papery shorts.  (This can’t be good …)

Then the doctor came in.  Did I mention this was one of those industrial-oriented occupational health clinic types places?  I think such clinics will pretty much always send you back to work — if injured on the job — as long as the limb is still dangling by a little sinew.  I mean … in my experience, they seem to be a little more low key than other doctors’ offices.

How to say this?  The industry-oriented medical office I just described was the last place I would have expected to see a young, attractive female doctor.  I mean … I thought  all pretty doctors just automatically left medical school and immediately set up a thriving practice in Beverly Hills or whatever.  Young, hot doctors aren’t usually examining Workman’s Comp cases are they?

Well … I bring this up for a reason.  Her attractive appearance added to my discomfort.  Because life is just full of surprises.  After the pretty doctor introduced herself, she put on the dreaded latex gloves.  OH NO!  Not that!  I mean, this whole appointment is just to test to see if I am physically fit to drive a box truck … Why would you …?

I looked at the doctor, and I said, “Good lord … surely not,”  and she smiled back, “I’m afraid so!”

After she told me to cough a couple of times, she missed her chance to complete the old Groucho Marx/doctor routine. No, she did not follow up with “How long have you had this cough?”  She was all business … as she was touching me … there.  Cold hands too.

I wish I had been carrying one of those Pantone color wheel charts.  I am not sure if my face was more of a 185C shade of red or perhaps a 172 red … either shade would just about sum up my level of embarrassment.

Ha … the doctor looked at me and said, “Don’t worry about it … You’d be surprised how many of these exams I do each day.”  Ha … I didn’t know how to respond, so I threw out a conversational, “Well alright, good for you.”

No hernias were found on this day, I am happy to report.  And I was invited to “pull up trow” and return to the waiting area.  Finished.  I did … but before I left, I gave the receptionist a message for the doctor.

The reception was obviously either not a fan of the classic Seinfeld episode or maybe just uninitiated, and just stared at me blankly when I asked her to tell the doctor “I was in the pool.”

Know what I sayin?

PingWi-Fi Can’t Decide Whether Or Not To Walk This Way

January 9th, 2016 · Tags: Gadgets · Satire · Wi-Fi

It’s gonna be a long, winding blog … pace yourself, but stay with me.  Several friends post results on line when they complete a 4-mile run or whatever.  And recently, I retweeted an Internet item about a guy in The UK who had planned various runs, in which the map of his route formed the shape of Star Wars characters.

And speaking of SkyWalker … I have also been hearing a lot about smartphone apps that measure how many steps you take while you quail hunt, or Christmas shop, or walk your dog, or binge shop at the mall … or whatever.

Do you have this?

Not me … so, no idea what the best one is.  I guess I will have to test walk some of them.  In my preliminary research, I stumbled upon this article that lists a few of the frontrunners from a few months back:

Pedometer Apps

It sounds pretty cool.  But, like most things, I have to think about it a bit before I just rush in, guns blazing, so to speak.

Here’s my step-by-step “analysis” …

  • Can you set a limit to the number of steps for the day or activity, so that you get an alert on your smart phone when you are dangerously approaching, say like 20,000th steps or whatever you think your limit should be? “Sorry babe.  I have no choice … You go on ahead up the trail. I just got an alert and I have to sit right here, right now.”
  • You can bet someone is working on a plan to monetize this new craze.  Street walking? Can street walkers use the app, divide by the number of steps and figure their cost per thousand to maximize output?
  • If you turn around, does the app take steps off the meter, like Ferris Bueller jacking up the car on blocks and running it in reverse to take miles off the odometer?
  • If you have an injury and a resulting limp, do you lose style points or get partial credit for steps?
  • Will the app allow you to calculate the steps to the next Wi-Fi hotspot?
  • Moving sidewalks or escalators must really throw a wrench in the walks … er … works
  • Is the walk counter okay with you exercising your right to open carry.  Or does the app curl up in the fetal position because you choose to protect yourself?
  • Does the app discriminate against either gender?  Does it take note if you “walk like a man” or if your “boots are made for walking?”
  • Are NBA stars exempt from an app that measures “walking.”  Or do they get to take three steps before the app counts it as walking?
  • Is there a Christian-based version of the app to measure your “walk” with The Lord?
  • If you walk like an Egyptian, do hieroglyphics appear on the screen of your smart phone?
  • Does anyone use the app in LA?
  • Does “pace yourself” mean to take a selfie in this app?
  • Do any characters on The Walking Dead use the app?
  • What background music should play, as the app is calculating or rebooting?  “Walk Away”?  “Walk This Way”? “Walk On The Wild Side”? “Do The Walk Of Life”? “Walkin The Floor Over You”? “I Walk The Line”? “I’m Walking”? “Sleep Walking”? … I digress.
  • And what about sleep walking … Does that preserve battery life of your smart phone, when you use this app, but you’re asleep?
  • If you are monitoring your steps for health reasons … Is something easy — like a “cakewalk” — a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Can an aborigine use this (and GPS) on their coming of age, “walkabout” in the outback? Or is that asking too much of connectivity?
  • Are there imitation apps out there … that are not quite as accurate, but cheaper … a step down in quality if you will?
  • Does the app appeal to all demographics … you know, people from all walks of life.
  • What does the app do? Does it have special, funny emoji that display on your smartphone if you have to do the “walk of shame” or heaven forbid “the perp walk” in handcuffs?
  • Do you have to walk before you can run this app?
  • And lastly, if you walk with a skip in your step, does the app judge you?

Know what I sayin?

Bowl Season Coming To End & Not A Drop To Drink!?!

December 31st, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Sports

I quit drinking a long time ago for various reasons … none of which are very dramatic or interesting. But last year, as a joke, I claimed to have made a New Year’s resolution to “start drinking again.” How’s that for counter-culture, messed up? Well … as New Year’s resolutions tend to go, I have not stuck with it and remain alcohol free. I guess I have four and a half hours to be a man of my word and resume drinking after all these years. For the blogging world, it would probably be a good thing if I were to knock back a few … rather than get off on tangents or rants in this blog. But, it’s what I do. Maybe I should drink to clear my head … but instead I think I’ll just jot down a few notes … about what else … football!


Baker Mayfield Doppelganger jpg

A quarterback is a serious thing to waste.


How ‘bout those Clemson Tigers of the ACC!

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Armed Forces Bowl: Goff’s Bear Raid Overwhelms Air Force

December 30th, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Sports


Goff, Protected

Goff, Protected


For all of the football philosophers out there, the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl proved this. IF two teams are pretty much equal in defensive skills and physicality, the team that airs it out vs. the run-oriented team will dominate. It’s all about scoring efficiently. Many repeat the cliche, “Defense wins championships.” But, well, my friends … in most of the games I have seen, the team that scores the most points wins.

The Golden Bears of Cal scored the most points in Amon G. Carter Stadium in its final game of the year. Cal beat down the Air Forces Falcons 55-36, but it didn’t seem to be a game of physical dominance … it was sheer airpower and execution. The Bear Raid went 7 for 8 in the red zone.

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Tweeting With Wi-Fi: Life’s Good At Armed Forces Bowl

December 29th, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Wi-Fi

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Washington Huskies Take Zaxby’s Heart Of Dallas Bowl

December 27th, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Sports


Looking Back BW sized



“Are we on offense or defense?”

That’s what I asked my teammate Les, just before we lined up. He set me straight and pointed where to line up, and the quarterback threw me a pass, that I caught. (Ha … I didn’t make very many yards after that catch, but then I never did. I was just happy that I ran the right way on that one.) It was perhaps a less-heady time. In those days, we thought it kind of funny when someone “got their bell rung.” We played on, crazy as that seems with today’s discourse on head injuries in sports. (Which, btw, I take seriously, but also think there is a movement to sissify football so more people can play, and the sissification movement is using head injuries to further their cause … I digress …)

But we were high schoolers … playing for love of the game, not millions of dollars … What did we know?

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Joy Toy The World … Gadgets Before Wi-Fi

December 23rd, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Gadgets · Satire · Wi-Fi

Christmas Lights

After the recent change of address for the world headquarters of, the first thing I did was set up the Wi-Fi hotspot, of course. Then I contacted The Vega Enterprise editor, “The Q,” to request an address change for my subscription to the hometown paper — a news gathering organization dating back to 1948.


For the record, you would be surprised at the adrenalized content of the Vega paper. In addition to all the community news and local politics and school news — the lifeblood of a farming community — there is some pretty hard-hitting stuff in the form of the sheriff’s column. You may know, Vega is on what was once Old Route 66 — now the modern Interstate 40 — the busiest highway in the nation, running coast-to-coast. The firsthand accounts of murder suspects apprehended, kidnappings, cartel drug trafficking, first responders and such rival any TV cop drama. No, the juicy headlines don’t originate in Vega, but they pass through our county on the way from California to the East Coast or vice versa … You cannot believe some of the chase scenes and helicopter surveillance stories and canine patrols the area law enforcement officers perform routinely.

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Merry Christmas – Get Ready For Bowl Games on PingWi-Fi

December 19th, 2015 · Tags: Arts · Cities


PingWi-Fi Turns Up Heat On New Neighborhood

November 20th, 2015 · Tags: Gadgets · Wi-Fi

ecobee photo

zzzzzzzz … brrrrrrrrr


Each day PingWi-Fi does a “PingForADay” tweet on Twitter — citing the most unique, funny, helpful or bizarre item about wireless Internet that we can find in the news. PingForADay has touted Wi-Fi coffee makers, Wi-Fi printers, speakers, clocks, a Barbie doll, meat smokers, cars, trains … what have you. Several times we have mentioned the Wi-Fi thermostat, but never really paid it much attention … Then I got one when it came attached to the new worldwide headquarters of PingWi-Fi. Stay with me …


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