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Bad Wi-Fi Leads To Miraculous Astronomical Observation

January 12th, 2017 · Tags: Uncategorized

DILLON Moon crop


Last night my two high school spinal injuries were talking to me, keeping me awake past the normal cut off point for my day.  I counted sheep … well, no, I didn’t.  I am lying.  I read Facebook and Twitter and such.  No likes. No dice.  Still awake.  Then I decided to fire up an HBO movie in bed with my AppleTV unit.  Was that Costner?  Some detective show was just about to suck me in, when the picture froze, the scene buffered, and I began to curse AT&T Uverse Wi-Fi for the poor reception way back in the bedroom.

Naturally, I headed to the kitchen to see what’s to eat.

I haven’t had this house that long, but I have committed to memory the twists and turns from bed to fridge without the need of lights.  So I stumbled on to the other end of the house in the dark, happy that Texas is having a spell of warm weather, and my boxer shorts are all I need.

When I got to the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was the clock on the microwave.  The time was 12:34 … not that late, but wait … Perhaps there was significance.  12:34 … That’s 1-2-3-4 … I was looking at a digital clock, rather than the grandfather clock that had just chimed in the other room.

“Why is 1-2-3-4 significant?,” you might ask. Well … my friend … I will share.  Not too many years ago, I dated a sweet, beautiful woman who told me a story about a mutual friend.  The mutual friend is a young, wise, charismatic pastor in North Texas, and she relayed a story about one of his sermons.  A sermon I didn’t hear, but her account stuck with me.

This pastor stumbled upon a little coincidence — coincidence, those funny things that I like to refer to as “God’s sense of humor.”  The pastor’s name is Jim … Jim Mann.  Well, Pastor Jim noticed something unusual about clocks and wrote a sermon about it.  It seems, he kept looking at his clocks at random moments, and noticing the time always seemed to be interesting combinations of numbers.

What did it mean?

Mann would look up during a meeting and notice that lunch was almost an hour away, because the clock displayed 11:11 … or 1-1-1-1.  Another day, Mann would just happen to notice it was 3:33 or 3-3-3, time to take his daughter to soccer practice or whatever.  And maybe he noticed the time practice was over, at 5-5-5

You get it.

So anyway, Pastor Jim mulled this over and thought there must be some reason … that God must be telling him something in His ever mysterious, miraculous ways.  I don’t know if Mann ever was able to put his finger on whatever it was … but he came up with a great idea and put it in a sermon.

Mann encouraged his congregation to pray for him at all times, but specifically whenever they see one of those numeric combinations as described above.  Since hearing that story, I have prayed for and/or thought of Jim Mann just about every time I see that it is 2:22 or whatever.

So … last night, at 1-2-3-4, I immediately thought of Jim Mann.  Sorry Jim.  I don’t think I prayed, because I had my mind already “meditating” on the feast of whatever was inside the fridge.

Just as I was about to open the door, I noticed another light.  A light from above … I swear to God, so to speak.  On the tiled floor, near the refrigerator was a square “box” of light, illuminating a couple of square feet of my floor.  It was just about the same place the bright light normally hits the floor, when I open the fridge in the dark.  But the door was closed, and this mysterious light was more subtle … more natural … than what the fridge put out in the dark.

“What the heck?,” replaced my thoughts of 1-2-3-4.  “Where is the light coming from?”  I had never seen this light before.  I looked up.  Ah … I didn’t build this house, and I didn’t put the unusual skylight above the center of the kitchen.  Light was coming in through the skylight and leaving its evidence on the floor.  But wait.  I haven’t seen this before.  There is no street light close enough to shine in through the skylight.

Looking up again, I took a step to the side, centered, and saw one of the brightest, biggest full moons I have seen in months.  It was the first moon — of any phase — I had ever seen through the kitchen skylight.  (Ha … of course I will be watching for them from now on, throwing private little watching parties in my kitchen … I digress …)


Moon Roof

Ha … I wondered if the builders had any idea that the moon would ever be visible.  My imagination — after many a year reading National Geographic features about ancient structures designed to track the movement of the heavenly bodies — went wild.  Ha … and now I have discovered that my own house has a built in “watcher of the skies” feature.  How fun!

So … from now on, when there is a full moon, I will be reloading my ice cream bowl in the dark, standing there, waiting … waiting on the cold tile floor, looking up into the skies, through the skylight … searching for that special astronomical  event … that kitchen anomaly …that celestial phenomena that will forever be known in my house as The Jim Moon.

Know what I sayin?

Throwback Army Running Attack Outlasts Highflying Eagles

December 30th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized

Two minutes left in the game and 75 yards of natural turf ahead of you … who would you want as your field general? The two-minute drill. Many might say Graham Harrell, if they have seen the replay of arguably the biggest come-from-behind upset in college football in the last 10 years.


Harrell On The Offensive

Harrell On The Offensive

That was the scenario at the 2016 Zaxby’s Heart Of Dallas Bowl matching the West Point Black Knights of Army against the North Texas Mean Green Eagles … only this time Harrell was offensive coordinator, rather than the quarterback who threw that famous touchdown in ’08 to Michael Crabtree vaulting the receiver to instant stardom and a lucrative NFL career.

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Your Wi-Fi FlipChart Of Heart Of Dallas Bowl:)

December 29th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized

LA Tech Prevails In Armed Forces Bowl: Shootout Of The Year

December 23rd, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized

A cloudy Fort Worth sky prevented the pre-game fly over at The 2016 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl.  There wasn’t an air-raid offense in sight, per se.  But the bowl matchup still set a new record for points with 93 cumulative — 48 of those tallied by Louisiana Tech in a three-point win over Navy, with a walk off field goal.

LA Tech set tone early, with Carlo Henderson’s 86-yard return of the opening kickoff, setting up the game’s first score, 7-0, with 13:35 remaining in the first quarter.  Navy followed up with a fumble at the LA Tech 48 yard line on its second play from scrimmage, shifting all momentum to the Bulldogs. LA Tech answered with its second score, a 22-yard field goal by Jonathan Barnes, 10-zip.  On their ensuing possession, Navy moved the ball only seven yards on three plays before punting and it looked as if it could be a long day for The Midshipmen.

Forget that. On the next series, the Navy defense took control, sacking LA Tech quarterback Ryan Higgins for a seven-yard loss.  After three and out, Navy fielded the Bulldog punt at their own 45, with 6:50 left in the first quarter.


Game Photos




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Merry Christmas From PingWi-Fi!

December 20th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized

‘I Am, High Tide’ … Is That The Correct Neil Diamond Lyric?

December 8th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized

Via the magic of Wi-Fi, a promotional calendar for Dallas/Fort Worth music events just popped up in my e-mail, so I opened it to see what’s on tap for the holidays.

Up popped Neil Diamond and a blurb about his 50th Anniversary Tour … Ha … a vision of “cougars” on the prowl danced in my head. (The show is not until July … So I hope I can “un-see” those images by then.)

Neil Diamond — an interesting case — in my mind an artist whose music I kinda hate … IMHO just too crooning-mellow-romantic-introspective for my tastes. Howeva … howeva … there was a time when Neil was a rocker. Did you know this? Another sad turn of events, kind of like the BeeGees making good music before they overdosed on Disco … I digress-es-es …

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Blog About Nothing — No Evolution In Deer-ly Departed

November 10th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized

In my PR life, I was working at the hottest high-tech firm in the country, just before the bust … and one of my favorite bosses of all times, thought I was some sort of animal … actually a couple of animals.  First she complimented me and said that I was a “media hound,”  a good thing for clients because earned media (media coverage) arguably adds credibility to a marketing mix.  Ha.  She also called me a “deer in headlights” when it came to billing the client for every minute of my day, and launching “best practices” which actually did little more for the client than run up their bill.  I take both as compliments … I digress …

And speaking of deer in said headlights …

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PingWi-Fi’s Dirty Gig Sails Again!

October 16th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized




One hundred feet below, the emerald waves pounded the shore, one after another after another.  Relentless. Sqawking seagulls circled around me, and the tall mast rocked in the wind.  A low-gliding “V” of pelican bombers dove down, descending in a smooth formation, just over the waves in the distance.  When the gusts flexed their muscle, the platform atop the mast swayed as much as eight feet to either side as I took the knife from my teeth … holding on and struggling to cut away the white fabric, reducing the effect of the strong winds of The Atlantic.

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#PingForADay … The Best from Twittersville

September 5th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized

We’re Not Fans Of Spam!

August 27th, 2016 · Tags: Uncategorized