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Wi-Fi Down At The Triumph Grill … STL Beyond The Arch

July 6th, 2014 · Tags: Cities · Sports · Wi-Fi


I have never been to a biker bar per se — excluding one of the incarnations of Main Street Saloon in Lubbock — well … because I am merely a motorcycle nut. Big difference.


Regardless, when I heard about a little bar and grill dedicated to bikes — called Triumph — over in St. Louis, I had to get over the bike and on over to Arch City. PingWi-Fi featured St. Lou back in 2010, but there is always room for more exploration.


So, I cruised up to The Triumph Grill on a Sunday. That was good and bad. Good because I had my choice of anywhere I wanted to park. Bad, because the Triumph dealership that actually opens into the back of the restaurant was closed.


“This ain’t no biker bar.”




The Triumph Grill is a fairly upscale restaurant that just happens to be owned by another motorcycle nut, apparently, and the two-wheeled lifestyle is featured throughout the main dining area, the bar, and various side rooms for small groups and special events. Most cool — the annex … The Moto Museum, a gallery of vintage motorcycles from all over the world.  The museum aint no “meat-and-taters place either … more of an international palate for cycle enthusiasts — a 1975 Bultaco dirt bike from Spain, in pristine condition; a 1949 IMME from Germany; a 1955 Bergmeister Victoria; a Nimbus from Denmark: a Swiss 1932 500cc Motosacoche; a Derny and a Peugot from France … and many more.


Ha! There’s even a cycle made of lumber! (The thought of splinters …)


Triumph Grill


So, I had brunch and tested the wireless network before a photo tour of the place. Great Wi-Fi, a more-than-decent crab louie salad, but as the waiter warned me the red velvet cake was a “little dry.” Ha … at first bite it was somewhat reminiscent of a cellophane wrapped Little Deb treat … but with much nicer presentation. Interesting. The color scheme of the desert was almost the exact shade of my Triumph Thunderbird LT — maroon and black … parked just the other side of the window. The treat needed lubrication. So, I kickstarted the cake with some ice cream. Then it was pretty delicious. Outside The Triumph Grill is a great little sidewalk seating area. Have to admit I didn’t like the Frank Sinatra-era music playing, but I had earbuds, and I guess that music genre does establish a classy vibe here among all the motorcycle posters …



Great Wi-Fi … someone open up the dealership, and please get some Triumph Grill t-shirts!\



Wouldn’t be social media without taking photos of my food right?  But the best thing? The people. I would have never understood this before I bought a bike, but I now understand it is such a mobile conversation piece. Young and old school alike, more and more, strike up conversations to talk about the motorcycle … anywhere I park. I swear half the over-50 population, at one time in their youth owned or rode their friend’s Triumph. The visit to the Triumph Grill was no different.


After I enjoyed a good meal, a slightly-older gentleman — a professional looking gentleman, probably on vacation– commented on the Triumph Thunderbird LT waiting on me outside. He expressed a great appreciation for the overall design of the bike, but mentioned he had a Harley Davidson in his youth. Doesn’t matter. We talked bike for a while, and moved on to college sports. He and his wife and another couple were all visiting from Alabama.


Joe, LaNelle, Kathy, Donny … “Roll Tide!”


Nice, nice people … we exchanged Roll Tides and Guns Ups and talked SEC vs. Big 12 and baseball and The College World Series and of course more motorcycles. A Harley man, but he loved the T-Bird … Good answer.


They were quite interested in the blog, especially after I told them their photo would be on it. So, I explained to them that the blog was educational … And (kiddingly) that I always tried to bring people up in the world, a little … So I had them all imitate me, as I flashed the Texas Tech “guns up” hand signal. Ha … they all complied. Fun group



For one last silly punch line, among new friends, just before I got up to head to the men’s room, I excused myself for butting in and interrupted yet another group at another table and asked them to keep an eye on my cameras and computer because “those people are from Alabama” … pointing at my new friends.



Vroooooooom! 6 pings — 1 down and 5 up just like the 2014 Triumph Thunderbird LT … but please, open the dealership on Sundays, if you are not going to sell Triumph Grill t-shirts of your own.  Gotta have a t-shirt!


Know what I sayin?



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Nashville Thinking Man’s Biker & Whiskey-India-Foxtrot-India

May 31st, 2014 · Tags: Cities · Sports · Wi-Fi

About a minute after I posted the 1,400-mile review of the Triumph Thunderbird LT, it donned on me that I didn’t mention it is belt driven. Big difference. Anyone besides me remember the old song “We’ll see the world on my Harley, if the chain don’t break”? Oh wow. I knew the original was by Sailcat. I had no idea that the Sugarcubes had covered the song. I digress …



About that belt drive, by the way. There is no tachometer on the bike, so you can judge your r.p.m.s by belt vibration or wobble or whatever. The belt makes a sound that reminds me of the belt on a device Papa Pingel bought when I was a mere lad. He had a weight-loss, jiggly thing … a motor on a stand, with a belt 4-inches wide, that you could strap around your waist, turn on, and wobble yourself to skinny oblivion. Didn’t work. Ha … I saw pieces of it lying by the old barn at the Ping Farm recently. I should probably try to resurrect it and use it. I digress …


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The Bird


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