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PingWi-Fi Gets Its Blue Genes On … Live Ween

March 25th, 2011 · Tags:Arts

Allow me to take just one second to expound on the Gene Ween show.  Apparently some readers didn’t think I knew my Ween from a hole in the ground.  Perhaps they are right.  But, please remember that I don’t attend shows to worship the artist, merely to describe what happened.  I do luv me some Ween … When I first heard their music in the Mid ’80s, I thought it was some of the most unique ever.

Over the years, having collected several works and continuously recommending Ween to many … I have grown to love their variety, anything from Calypso to Metal to Soul to Flamenco to Experimental to Country to Folk … Did I miss any genres in there?  So … I was not hatin on Ween, but rather lamenting that I craved more variety than that afforded by the Boston show.  As I pointed out though, it is understandable that a two-man lineup doesn’t sound like the full Weensemble.

Also, in a one-man Pingdom, sometimes the blogs get posted quickly to keep the 20 readers at bay.  And therefore, sometimes, a thought or two may be left out.

Case in point:  An important thing I meant to include in the earlier Ween blog was this — Gene Ween earned my greatest respect because he obviously loves what he do. We live in a world where teachers want to strike for more money, although their employer is bankrupt … A world where professional athletes want shrines dedicated to their greatness since they play a game for a living … and then they go on strike for more money, even though they are millionaires … but Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) got up on stage and played his heart out to a crowd of 200 for a couple of hours, even though he has been in the business for 25+ years.

Lastly, although time, the road and whateva have taken a toll on Gene, as they have on all of us … When he plays, you can still see that spark … the inner child … the kid who picked up the guitar because he loves music and he loves to perform … to entertain … after all these years.

Here’s a little taste of the digital audio of the show …

Know what I sayin?