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This Day In Rock History, Grinch Stole Strummer

December 23rd, 2008 · Tags:Arts

Peter Howard, Mick Jones, Strummer, Paul Simenon ... on tour, Amarillo, Texas

This time of year, every year, I sound like a broken record or maybe a corrupted MP3 file, or whatever.  It is December 23, the day punk’s Joe Strummer died.  More than 20 years ago, just prior to the final concert by The Clash, he took time out to sit for a couple of hours to be interviewed.  His outlook made an impact on the way I see the world.  So as long as I have a forum, I will remember him and his music on this day.

What a character.  Have you seen the film on Sundance Channel, documenting Strummer and his last band The Mescaleros?  Check out “Let’s Rock Again.”  It gives insight into his politics, his artistic process and the sad reality that after Rocking The Casbah all the way to the top, he had to start over.

As Strummer put it, he went from “being a hero to zero and back again.”

Then at 50, after three world beat ecclectic records with his new band, he was gone.

Here is the link from the VIPeep section of this site — a  one-on-one interview with Strummer.