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Entries from January 2009

Wi-Fi Turns Rail Time To Productive Time in Frisco

January 31st, 2009 · Tags: Cities

Well … there is a deal, give or take 18 years, but a deal all the same.  SF Gate posted this, but the headline and the story are at odds on the duration.  I am leaning toward 20.  Once people have Wi-Fi on a train, they are unlikely to give it up, yo. BART signs […]

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Comcast Experiments With Free Wi-Fi

January 30th, 2009 · Tags: Gadgets

Interesting report from Broadband DSL Reports: Comcast Engaged in Free Wi-Fi Trial Working with Cablevision on Wi-Fi trial in New Jersey See the entire story at: Broadband Reports has learned that Comcast is engaged in trials that may (or may not) result in the company offering Comcast customers free Wi-Fi. According to sources within […]

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Final Credits: Sundance Curtain Falls on PingWi-Fi

January 27th, 2009 · Tags: Arts · Satire

I won’t lie.  I can’t give Sundance Film Festival two thumbs up this year. Most notably, the crowds were smaller due to the economy and the Oba-otomy (inaugural).  Then behind the scenes, there was this little drama that played out — in which the Sundance press office denied my press credentials (although I was good […]

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PingWi-Fi Shooting Up The Streets At Sundance

January 23rd, 2009 · Tags: Arts · Cities · Satire

Sundance gave me my money’s worth today in star power, especially considering I am the ultimate budget traveler on this trip.  After a good film to begin my day (previous blog), I spent several hours in the drizzle — like about a thousand other people — listening to a dramatic reading on Main Street in […]

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Pardon My French — Ping’Oui-Fi’ Twitters Subtitles From Sundance

January 22nd, 2009 · Tags: Arts · Satire

Man!  I swear the dude behind me in the theater — the one who kept kicking the back of my chair/head — was Charlie Manson.  Ha … well, he looked just like him, except for no telltale swastika etched into his forehead.  I digress … and I haven’t even gotten started. What do you do […]

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PingWi-Fi Lands At Southwest Airlines Suite, Mixes With VIPs

January 21st, 2009 · Tags: Arts

This just isn’t the same old Sundance … but I remain hopeful it will pick up.  They tell me that lots of folks skipped this year for financial reasons and because of the event in DC. For me, there have been some great opportunities although the festival press office has been unreceptive.  Oh well, they […]

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Alpha – Omega, Abe To Obe On Road To Sundance

January 21st, 2009 · Tags: Cities · Coffee Shops · Politics · Satire

Unlike millions, I missed the inauguration yesterday.  Well … I didn’t miss it.  I had better things to do.  But, as I made the 14-hour drive to Sundance Film Festival I listened to portions of the play by play. So, it is official.  Congratulations to President Obama, who was sworn in yesterday … ha … […]

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Nonconformity, Satire: Also Dishes ‘Best Served Cold’

January 19th, 2009 · Tags: Cities · Politics · Satire

Don’t get me wrong.  Don’t be all hatin. Any president of the United States is my president.  I wish him/her well and will be supportive in most circumstances.  Will I poke fun? Bet your arse!  Thank goodness,  I am encouraged that already common sense, economic necessity and better decisions are overruling the seductive campaign promises […]

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Obama & Entourage Ride Rails With WAAV Wi-Fi

January 17th, 2009 · Tags: Gadgets · Politics · Satire

If you have tried to use Twitter on this fine Saturday morning, you may have found that some features are not working … and there is a Twitter message that says the system is “a little stressed.” Probable cause? I will bet money there are more than a few tweets emitting from the tracks between […]

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CruiseCast Interview Video From CES, Documents Crop Dusting

January 16th, 2009 · Tags: Gadgets · Satire

My friend WesterFunk pointed out that NASA may be jumping to some pretty ambitious conclusions about the methane gas detected in surveys of Mars.  I however, encountered the same evidence on the showroom floor at CES — and I DO NOT think it was a sign of intelligent life. Yes … the “crop dusting” incident […]

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