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Final Credits: Sundance Curtain Falls on PingWi-Fi

January 27th, 2009 · Tags:Arts · Satire

I won’t lie.  I can’t give Sundance Film Festival two thumbs up this year. Most notably, the crowds were smaller due to the economy and the Oba-otomy (inaugural).  Then behind the scenes, there was this little drama that played out — in which the Sundance press office denied my press credentials (although I was good enough to be approved three other years.)

In defense of Sundance, I applied early and then also was late with my next attempt to apply. Later, my appeal was heard and Sundance ruled I was unworthy — when it boiled down to a judgment call. Yes, that is their prerogative … but I think it begs a philosophical question. (I wrote a note about this and requested it be sent to Robert Redford … waiting for response but not holding my breath …)

In the note, I suggested to Mr. Redford that if Sundance truly retains an “indie” spirit, shouldn’t an independent journalist be given the benefit of a doubt and allowed credentials … just like the major network news teams?  Isn’t an indie film festival all about the little guy — gritty, low budget and sometimes surprisingly refreshing?  Suffering for my art …

Mr. SundanceIndie Indeed?

Ha … don’t indie journalists belong to the same union as indie film makers?

Well … I will keep you posted on that one.

So, as a journalism outcast, I continued to cover the event as best I could — shunned, staying in a grimy hostel and living on saltines and potentially tainted peanut butter …

Then a couple of days later, I found the Sundance team less than stellar … again.  After a cold day of celebrity sightings and photos, I was working on a blog.  Admittedly, I do not recognize all celebrities and certainly do not know all of the names and faces of the independent film world.  So, I carried my laptop over to the help desk at a film screening for media.

The team leader loudly declared that they could not help me identify any of the people in my photos — period!  What? You are not allowed to help a journalist who is attempting to cover/promote your event?  I guess I missed that strategy in all my years of media relations.  Was it attitude?  Was it a violation of SAG rules/regs?  Or was it simply a cases of “not my job”?

So, if you can help me identify the peeps in the photo in this post … let me know.

Know what I saying?