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PingWi-Fi Checks Attitude At Door, Vegas Visit Starts With A Bang

January 8th, 2009 · Tags:Cities · Satire

What happens in Vegas … stays in my room.

I kid you not.  This PingWi-Fi traveler checked into the hotel room as soon as I got to Vegas and headed to my room.  Then, just as the key worked and the door lock sprung, I heard voices.  I thought it was coming from down the hall.  I pressed on … then I heard a bewildered voice say “uh … hello?” …

How can one put this, so as not to offend?

I saw 10 toes up and 10 toes down, and some other unnamed body parts, just before I averted my eyes and slammed the door.  Someone was having a little party in my room, and I wasn’t invited.  Ha — pair of aces!

I didn’t know whether to laugh, get out the video camera for an award-winning YouTube piece, or run.  I chose “C” and moved away from the spectacle.

So … you know how some people always warn you not to sit on the bedspreads in hotel rooms?  Well … today, a very large man and his date made a believer out of me.  They were going at it, outside the covers, because I surmise, they were on the crew assigned to straighten the bed.  Wouldn’t want to ruffle the bedding or mess up the mint on the pillows!

Dang this is a crazy town.

A bellman was nearby.  I called to him, “Houston, we have a problem.”  He was as shocked as I and rushed off to get me a key to another room.  Of course I was thinking the love birds would probably come out, with me standing down the hall.  This time I got lucky.  No sight of them … you know, after that initial sighting.

Checked into my new room,  I got on the phone to the front desk.

“Manager on duty, please.”

They rang another extension.

“Yah, hel-lo?”

The informality caught me of guard, but frankly it had been somewhat of a casual day … I asked if he was the manager and blurted out that I just checked into my hotel room, but I had lost out on the “first come, first serve” nature of the place.

“Nice!,” he said shocked and seemingly a little disgusted.  That’s really what he said.  Then he told me he was the casino manager, and the front desk had transferred me to the wrong phone.  Thus … his informal greeting when he took my call.  “Wait,” I told him.  “It get’s better … I am a travel writer.”

Silence on the other end of the line.

He had the hotel manager call me … within the next two minutes.

I told yet another manager the story.

“Oh my … sir … how can we make it up to you?”

“Well,” I said. “That is a pretty tall order.  What do you have in mind.”

They comped the room … but somehow I just don’t feel all that satisfied with their gesture.  You would think they would bend over backwards … I mean everyone else was!

Know what I sayin?