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Wi-Fi And Snow Drifts — With Moxie, In Fargo

March 31st, 2009 · Tags:Cities · Coffee Shops · Wi-Fi

The snow continues here in Fargo, although the Red River is on the decline.  (The experts predict another crest in the river in mid-April …)  Meanwhile, I-29 south of Fargo was just closed due to snow, blowing snow, more snow and visibility of zero.

So … my exploration of the frozen north continues.  A couple of days ago, I found several coffee shops that were closed to help in the sandbagging efforts over at the FargoDome.  There was another I failed to mention — Moxie Java … a nice coffee shop downtown.  Yesterday, I reapproached.  Yes, they were open and serving up hot java and a hotspot (Wi-Fi).

Once again … community volunteers always score high in our eyes, not to mention Moxie Java is a cool place with great Wi-Fi — 7 pings.

And finally … here are two contrasting views of Moxie Java:

Must. Have. Coffee.

Warm, Wi-Fi

Warm, Wi-Fi