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Wi-Fi Planet Details Southwest Airlines Plans For Wireless

March 23rd, 2009 · Tags:Airports · Wi-Fi

He’re a nice piece from one of my favorite editors — Naomi Graychase, from one of my favorite sources, regarding my favorite topic (Wi-Fi) on my favorite airline. Life is good:

Southwest Airlines Tests In-Flight Wi-Fi

Through the month of March, Southwest Airlines is joining the ranks of air carriers trying out in-flight Wi-Fi service for passengers.

Entire article at:

The no-frills airline with its laid back seating system and sunny employees, is experimenting with Wi-Fi hotspots on four of its aircraft. Details about which routes will include Wi-Fi-enriched cabins are unavailable, but the four equipped airplanes will be flying through the Southwest system, giving passengers on a variety of routes the opportunity to hop on the network and try it out. “Wi-Fi Hot Spot” signs will let travelers know that they’re on-board an aircraft with Wi-Fi.

The service will be offered for free during the testing phase, in exchange for answering a customer feedback survey. It will then become fee-based (at a rate to be determined) if the project gets a green light.