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Cheat Notes For the Attention Deficient @PingWiFi

June 29th, 2009 · Tags:Satire

Back in the newspaper days, it was a blast to write a headline — extremely limited space, yet the writer had to grab the reader’s attention.  Billboards in advertising … another example.

Then came Twitter.

It’s sort of like headline writing, with much less impact.  But it is fun — 140 characters at a time … limited space, yet no shortage of useless information.

And yes, there is a group of people who form their tweets in the form of a haiku.  Oh these word nerds!

Anyway, if you are among the uninitiated. Here are some of my random thoughts from PingWi-Fi that were run through the “Twitter filter.”

Typically, I use Twitter to drive traffic to this blog.  Today, I hope this blog might entice you to take a look at @pingwifi on Twitter. You can follow by clicking here:

Okay … Let’s get random:

  • Happy Birthday Gary Busey, 65, known for Buddy Holly Story .. or Gary Busey mugshot. Wait that was Nick Nolte! Mugs:
  • Histweet: Brilliant branding. This day, 2007, Apple iPhones.! Of course iPod had already begun great migration to Apple. #tech #apple
  • Have you heard of Monavie? Hmm .. name is quite similar to Mondavi??? And their product is packaged in wine bottles … hmmm #health
  • I have only finished one half of the acai berry juice and .. HA … already I don’t have cancer or nothing:) #health
  • Rolling Stone has great photos of M.Jackson’s career. Sadly, archives deterioration mentally/physically. #rock music
  • Happy B-day U.S. Trade Representative/ former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk,55. Ha! Last I saw him, he was on public affairs team I steered. #pr
  • Who don’t love them some puffy sleeves? Yardbirds do ‘Dazed/Confused’ in ’68 … pre-Zep! #rock music
  • @potroast this Starbucks has Barnes/Noble hotspot next door .. the two signals compete for your computer’s affections #wi-fi #starbucks
  • It’s Mick Jones Birthday. I share link Joe Strummer interview .. ‘close, but no casbah’ Happy B-Day Mick! #rock music
  • Dear entrepreneurs: For grins, I went to this URL: … LOL … it is available if you want it. #satire
  • Dear Starbucks: Please fix Hotspot at University in Fort Worth … messed up for months, signed PingWi-Fi, a.k.a. ‘The Wi-Fi Guy’ #wi-fi
  • Tell me .. just how many little Red Bull vehicles are there doing moving-billboard advertising on the highways of America? #marketing
  • I was just pulled over in a school zone – by the grammar police – and they asked to see my creative license. Seriously. #satire #wi-fi
  • Gedde Watanabe of ‘ER’ is 54. Happy Birthday to the boy named ‘Dong” … 16 Candles #Hollywood
  • Happy Birthday songstress Carly Simon. She is 64 and yes, ‘I bet you think this tweet is about her, don’t you, don’t you?’ #rock music
  • Histweet: This day, 1997, the man who brought the male bikini into our living rooms died. Oceanagrapher Jaques Cousteau passed at 87.
  • See Dallas Cowboys metal. Free Reign: Columbo, Procter & Davis: #sports I ain’t writing bad review
  • Ha … bing showed me that yes, I have made News of the Weird at least once: #guerilla marketing #pr #wi-fi
  • Look carefully. Orange dot in Bing logo is same as in PingWi-Fi logo .. “maybe it’s a sign” 🙂, #bing #wi-fi
  • Debbie Gibson is pregnant with my 2-headed love child’ — Mojo Nixon on WOXY #satire #rock music
  • ‘You cant take me anywhere, I’ll strip down to my underwear’ — Hoodoo Gurus on WOXY … man I miss those Aussies! #rock music
  • ha .. i borrowed from “Charlie” … gardening with punji spikes on other blog on Myspace: #satire #gardening
  • Blogger notes remarkable trend. Readers increase when lazy-arse blogger finally posts. Discovered on Google Analytics:) #satire #pingwi-fi
  • ha … Dirty Band also backed up Steve Martin doing ‘King Tut’ on SNL … billed as the Toot Uncommons! #rock music #snl #fort worth
  • Rocker Ann Wilson of Heart is 59, but no longer a size 59. Here is her new band video — LAPBAND: #rock music
  • Commuting from work yesterday, almost run off road by van, that crossed 5 lanes. Inside? An entire, costumed mariachi band. LOL #commute
  • Here’s a Father/Son thing from Dell Diamond in Round Rock … home of RR Express: #baseball #Texas #Wi-Fi
  • Histweet: This day, 2002, Sir Paul McCartney wed Heather Mills. Critics said relationship didn’t have leg to stand on. #rock music #Beatles
  • Vindicated! CBS Early Show shows birds divebombing peeps in San Francisco. I blogged it after I was pecked 1st 5 minutes in SF, 2004. See!
  • Coolest motorcycle seat I have seen: #football #motorcycle
  • “Momma, when will I be fat ’nuff to get me one of them tattoos?” #satire
  • Histweet: This day, 1980, comedian, actor Richard Pryor took free-base to a new high, lit his own self on fire. That stuff will splode!
  • Huge blogger claimed all geeks want a Prius! How much they pay him to say that about a neutered-mobile? #tcot #blogs #tech
  • Truest lyric ever? ‘Come On Eileen’: ‘You’ll hum this tune forever …’ #rock music
  • Good Morning America teases story: ‘Could this young child be reincarnated WWII pilot?’ Did tabloid buy network when I wasn’t looking? #news
  • Tennis star — greatly criticized for being aesthetically correct — Anna Kournikova is 28. Happy Birthday!