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Broadband Air Stick Saves Face In Lieu Of Wi-Fi

October 20th, 2009 · Tags:Cities · Gadgets · Wi-Fi

The other day, on my Dirty Gigs warehouse stint I was faced with a difficult work situation. I had to train a laborer to use an upholstery cleaner. Guess what. I had never seen an upholstery cleaner before.

This moment, titled: “How to save face in the workforce.”

Well thanks be to the powers that be … I had my workhorse Dell laptop with me. So, I could just get on line and Google or Bing the manufacturer of the steamer.

Except … No Wi-Fi … I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, we were in a remote facility, out south of the The Louisville airport.

Ah yes … My friends at T-Mobile sent to me a handy dandy little Broadband solution for Internet emergencies such as this.

Well, I plugged in the device and unleashed the search engines.


Soon we were cleaning carpet so to speak … thanks to T-Mobile.

So, the biggest tool in my box that day was the “aircard” from T-Mobile … actually a stick from Huawei — the UMG 181 unit … smaller than a screwdriver. Faster than a power saw and about as precise as a chalk line, depending on who’s holding the other end.

Contrary to what a former boss preached, the air card solutions still plays second fiddle to Wi-Fi … I mean, it’s great for e-mail, slower for a few sweet Tweets and too slow to photo — 5 pings.

Broadband saved the day, in lieu of other technologies. But … really … is it any wonder that I continue to ping using Wi-Fi — in search of the ultimate hotspot. I think not.

Know what I sayin?