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PingWi-Fi To Allow Comments — As If …

February 9th, 2010 · Tags:Satire

So … they say a blog MUST allow readers to chime in and post comments.  I think the attorneys came up with that idea, because of all the potential risk … billable hours and all that.

Well, it has taken me a year, but I have finally warmed up to the idea.  I wonder how it will work.  I have a great idea.  How about I type a couple of sentences, then the readers take over … be really pithy … make this a must see destination, and we all retire on our own island Down Under.

It could happen.  Your thoughts?

Oh … apparently WordPress doesn’t have a grandfather clause, so to speak.  So, if  you read something older — deeper in the blog — that warrants a comment, you’ll have to do it in the space here.

(NOTE:  Also, this may be self-explanatory, but just in case … click on the headline of the piece, then you will see the comment box.)

Knock yourself out.