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Through The Magic Of Wi-Fi … I Am Watching You

March 28th, 2010 · Tags:Cities · Hotels · Satire · Wi-Fi

Mike, I am picking on you like a guitar!

Mike, I am picking on you like a guitar!

It is a magical day at PingWi-Fi. Through the magic that is Facebook, I know that I have a friend/colleague who is working in Santiago, Chile. Ha! If he would sign up for Gowalla or FourSquare, I could tell you what restaurants he frequents. What I can tell you is that he has Wi-Fi at his hotel … That tip, thanks again to Mike on Facebook.



Here’s some more magic. Do you use Google Analytics on a Website? It allows the blogger to see how many people hit a site — for example like PingWi-Fi .com — each day, from anywhere in the world. I can even tell you what terms you Googled or Binged to ping the site … so watch yo self.

Anyway, although I have had readers from Chile in the past, I am man enough to admit that the numbers have not been significant. Then there was the whole earthquake thing. I think my Chilean audience plummeted 90 percent after the quake … crashing down from like 9 hits per year … to like 1 or 2. Help me with the math.

But this much I do know. Mike, I know where you stay! So .. You better be hitting the site. Don’t give me no excuses about connectivity, because you already told me (and therefore the world) that you have Wi-Fi. Don’t tell me yo too busy. Because I see your updates, dude.

So, rest assured I will be watching to see if you decide to ping or not to ping PingWi-Fi.

Let’s make it interesting. If you do hit the PingWi-Fi Website, you can have either the PingWi-Fi t-shirt worn by the spokesmodel in this photo. Or you can get the guitar. One stipulation — if you choose the guitar, you have to pay for it. But I know people. I can make it happen for you.

So … there you are … We WILL be watching your Internet habits.

Know what I sayin?