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Big D Film Fest Opens – Big Luv For Dallas, Fort Worth

April 9th, 2010 · Tags:Arts · Cities

Leppert, Paxton

Leppert, Paxton

You would think a man who can satisfy and bankroll multiple women — somehow preventing them from killing each other — would be more diplomatic.

Just kidding.

Fort Worth’s Bill Paxton, star of the HBO polygamist hit, parked on the red carpet at the Dallas International Film Festival Thursday … and while, yes, he represented and shouted out to his hometown several times … he also gave big love to Big D, starting by rubbing elbows with Mayor Tom Leppert.

Paxton was true to his roots, but most of all expressed his support for the film festivals on both sides of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Well played.

No doubt he was the crowd favorite for his body of work, and there was buzz about an upcoming JFK project. I won’t lie, I thought about asking Paxton if we could expect any Erykah bootay-esque stunts in Dealey Plaza to promote the film. I showed better judgment, for once.

I mean … what a gentleman. He answered questions on the carpet for about half an hour. I thought it was quite interesting that he much prefers film making to doing television “because TV is a lot more work.” Probably so, when you consider one episode of an HBO series is as well done as many films.

Anyway … Let the films begin. Get out and support the motion picture arts.

For more information, visit:

Opening night, I opted for the short films, and accordingly provide this short review. The shorts included selective breeding sperm donors, Elmer Fuddlian wabbit hunters, a subliminal Screen Gem, a bungling heroin cookoff, and a very off-color, hilarious, animated tribute to pitcher Dock Ellis (who claimed to have thrown a no-hitter while tripping on LSD).

Research the hallucinogenic no-no fo yo own self: Dock Ellis

Meanwhile, I will post as many photos as I can — via a great Wi-Fi network at Hotel Palomar — and identify the faces as my knowledge base grows.

Know what I sayin?

"Skateland" cast, friends

Anne, Chris Howell - "Sweet Science"

Heath Freeman - "Skateland," Kelly Monaco

Clay Liford. "Earthling"

Farah White, Stephanie Rhodes - "Hold"

Michael Cain, Bill Paxton

Laura, Mayor Tom Leppert

Kelly Sears - "Voice On The Line"

Shiloh Hernandez - "Skateland"

Manny Mendoza, Frank Campagna, Mark Birnbaum - "Dig Deep"

Brandon Freeman - "Skateland"

Michelle Renee Dulin, Matt Socia

Michelle Renee Dulin - "Earthling"

"Carried Away"

Bryan Massey, Adam Dietrich - "Carried Away"