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PingWi-Fi Is Finicky Boy In Santa Cruz

April 23rd, 2010 · Tags:Cities · Coffee Shops · Uncategorized · Wi-Fi

Fins, Santa Cruz

Fins, Santa Cruz

It was a great sign when I saw the surfboards, sharks and Cadillac posters at Fins Coffee shop on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. Second, it was comforting to see a graying old surfer and his HP on the Internet.

Yes. There is wireless at Fins — if you bring in an AT&T or T-Mobile aircard. What is the old Surf Punks song? — “My beach, my wave, my stick …” Something like that.  I hummed it as I broke out my stick — a 3G adaptor from T-Mobile and Huawei Technologies. LOL.

What? Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe what my Wi-Fi detector was telling me. Surf was NOT up! There were, however, several Wi-Fi networks available, if you don’t mind stealing from your neighbors. Or, if you are particularly adept and guessing passwords.

But hey, there is a more to ambiance than Internet connectivity … I think. Let’s see, as I mentioned there were lots of surfboards. There was a piano in the corner, a few easy chairs, cool Italian glass light fixtures, and a nice collections of vintage coffee makers and cappuccino makers. So, all is not lost at Fins … maybe.

It has been my experience as a lifelong consumer, that when all things seem to equal out, the human factor can be the difference. How was the service from the humans at Fins? Oh my … the two disinterested servers would not even make eye contact when one of them placed a credit card ticket in front of me for a signature. No wonder, five bucks for a mediocre, small frap. I was holding my breath for one of them to just say “Here, just take it!” Oxygen deprivation. Nothing … I signed, as I stood there, apparently invisible and unimportant. What came over me? I tipped anyway. What was I thinking? I guess I was just motivated by their stimulating conversation.

I kid you not, they were all aflutter (amongst themselves) about whether or not Madonna was a feminist. As the Indigo Girls played from the stereo, I secretly envisioned Madonna and the Indigo Girls in a celebrity smack down, grudge match … but as claymation action figures … I digress.

Well, I don’t know, but I bet even the Material Girl likes a little customer service. And if I were a betting man, I bet more boys and girls — indigo, material or otherwise — would be paddle over to this place if there were smiles and Wi-Fi.

I probably caught them at a bad moment … but hey, it may be the only moment they get — better represent. Thanks to T-Mobile and its aircard technology for saving the day. Fins … sorry to say, no Wi-Fi beach party here — finito! Only 2 pings!

Know what I sayin?