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PingWi-Fi Cast As Unlikely ‘David Vs. Goliath’ Blogger

June 11th, 2010 · Tags:Cities · Coffee Shops · Satire · Wi-Fi

When I was a youth, the newspaper could never get it right.  One basketball article referred to me as “Pingelton.” Ha!  I considered changing my name to “Pringle,” after hearing that one so many times.  Another basketball article — my favorite — reported that “Pingelli” scored 20 points in one game.  My best friend’s dad — himself a newspaper man — used to borrow that one.  When I scored a basket, he would wait until the gym quieted a bit, and yell “Ping-GELL-eeeeeee.”

My friends, and later my fraternity brothers, shortened it to Ping, early on.

In college there was this hot little friend of a friend who actually had the last name Ping.  If for no other reason, I wanted to marry her so that she would one day be Tonya Ping-Pingel.

Anyway … I named this blog PingWi-Fi to incorporate my nickname, my passion for wireless and my mission — to find Wi-Fi as it runs rampant in our culture.  It is almost like a sonar sounding.  I go out and I ping coffee shops to see if they have Wi-Fi.  I ping college bowl games to see if there is Wi-Fi in the pressbox and/or the sidelines.  I have pinged ferryboats, commuter trains and airliners on a regular basis.

It what I do.  For the most part, it is quite positive and usually well received … at least among people who have entered the computer age.

But … Check out this article from a Texas newspaper.  The Fort Worth-Star Telegram printed and posted a nice piece on my effort to protect my mission and my proposed PingWi-Fi trademark.

PingWi-Fi In The News

It seems there are those who just don’t get it.

Do me a favor … spread the word.  Ping a friend today!

Know what I sayin?