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Different Set Of Xs & Os = Success For Dallas Mavs Blowout

June 17th, 2011 · Tags:Cities · Sports · Wi-Fi

The Cuban - Puts His $ Where His :) Is!

The Cuban - Puts His $ Where His ūüôā Is!

Congrats to The Dallas Mavericks and to The Cuban, Mark Cuban. ¬†What a fun ride! ¬†Let’s do it again next year but, hey, leave the singing to Queen, okay?

No one was more shocked than I at how excellent the crowd in Dallas behaved yesterday. ¬†Hundreds of thousands of people came together in a miserably hot, sweltering day with little incident. ¬†And me, the guy in the crowd who almost always attracts morons, was treated with kindness by everyone. ¬†I love it when strangers strike up conversations … positive, intelligent ones.

I am reminded of one of the few things I learned during my first try at college. ¬†In a communications theory class, we learned that you can diagram communication theory on the chalkboard. ¬†Every person can be drawn as an X on the board. ¬†Around every X is a large circle, which represents the person’s “field of experience.” ¬†Now, picture all these Xs surround by large circles on the board. ¬†Any time two circles — or “fields of experience” intersect … when they have something in common … communications takes place.



So that is a pretty darned good theory on why everyone just got along yesterday … Communication! ¬†Why don’t we do it more? ¬†Expand your field of experience and get out there and intersect!

Thanks to The Dallas Mavericks for giving all of us thousand and thousands of fans a great, common field of experience … one which now just happens to include a World Championship! ¬†Now that is something to talk about.


It was great fun shooting photos of Mark Cuban and all of his Dallas stars … But even more fun watching the fans — especially the kids — from every race … every socio/economic background … so excited to see their heros … Dirk … JET … Barea … Marion … big man Tyson Chandler … The Custodian … and The Kidd or “The Fossil” as Dirk called him. Ha! ¬†Even Stevenson made it to the parade, if you know what I am talking about. ¬†What a great day for all of North Texas!

Mavs Maniacs and Dancers

Mavs Maniacs and Dancers

So … the Mavs Nation — the peeps — got it right. ¬†Everyone got along, with no big issues. ¬†The one concern for the entire day — Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and TRE — The Trinity Railway Express. ¬†I didn’t ride DART but heard they had a fiasco where a train failed in a tunnel, and the people climbed out and walked out of the tunnel ON THE TRACKS! ¬†Always a bad idea.

As for TRE (someone tell me why they have not nicknamed that “The Tre?”) … I jumped on the train to Dallas before the Dallas Mavericks parade at 7:30 a.m. in Fort Worth, with no problems. ¬†(It had NO Wi-Fi ¬†and apparently no air conditioning either, I might add. ¬†What’s up with that!?!)

But after the very first stop at the main station in Fort Worth, the train was overloaded — with people standing in the aisle and no overhead handles to hold on to. ¬†It got worse. ¬†At all of the stops on the way to Dallas, there were more people hugging the sides of the train, trying to get on. ¬†Each time the train personnel had to plead and plead and plead for the people to “Get back! ¬†This train is full.”

"The Train Is Full" on Twitter ... #TRE

On Twitter - 'The Train Is Full' #TRE

It got worse and worse and worse along the way. ¬†I saw one and only one policeman at one stop, trying to get people to cooperate. ¬†This situation easily could have gotten out of hand. ¬†Finally, toward the end of my ride, the train personnel started telling the overflow lines of people that more trains — extra trains — were on the way.

Every time we stopped and I saw the problems and the potential for more issues, I sent out tweets on Twitter with my phone … sadly, using slow 3G technology, without Wi-Fi … but we got ‘er done. ¬†And for once, I felt like I was sending out tweets with the public’s best interest in mind … urging safety … instead of being a smart arse. ¬†I have no idea if anyone at the TRE saw the tweets … ha … “Heed my tweets!”

In summary … for a special event … TRE handled all of this horribly. ¬†It is a miracle that trouble didn’t break out, and that no one fell under one of the trains. ¬†For those of us lucky enough to get on a train it was miserably hot, with no A/C and no open windows. ¬†I know it is not the norm, but the TRE must gear up and prepare better for special events. ¬†Man … I can’t imagine what The Super Bowl must have been like!

Oh … I mentioned my train on the way to Dallas didn’t have Wi-Fi … budget cut? ¬†I have blogged from the trains using Wi-Fi in the past ¬†for this blog, a few years ago … Ha! But, I first suggested Wi-Fi to TRE back in 2004 … and the official spokesperson at that time on the phone asked me “what is Wi-Fi?” … oh well.

They have made strides … sporadically, apparently. ¬†On the way back from Dallas, I tried hooking up with some Wi-Fi one more time on my iPhone … and YES … this time in this car, there was a Wi-Fi network. ¬†Ha! … we even had air conditioning on the train this time.

Know what I sayin?