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Wi-Fi Worldly Influence In Amish Country? You Bet!

September 25th, 2011 · Tags:Cities · Coffee Shops · Restaurant · Wi-Fi

Cravings for the Wi-Fi world seem almost sacrilegious out and about in Lancaster, Penn., — the heart of Amish Country.  But it what we do.

So, on this Sabbath, my first day off from the current Dirty Gig, I hopped in my “rental carriage” and sped on over to Lancaster … the 283 from Harrisburg is easy enough, not crowded on a Sunday, and has enough farm silos to keep anyone’s interest.

OH … and as if it were a teaser for things to come, I spotted a vintage barn collection just off the freeway, just southeast of Harrisburg, next door to a Bible Church.  Good things.  Onward to Lancaster … As usual, I have life’s roadtrip soundtrip tunes playing on my iPhone.  Today’s soundtrack? A world beat mix of reggae, Hindi, caribe, banda, etc … representing several faiths and deities to which I do not subscribe, fyi …

In the heart of downtown Lancaster, it was the historic Fulton Operah House that first lured my attention … but it was Prince Street Cafe that reeled me in.

Prince Street is loaded with character, yet fairly modern.  Large windows overlooking an active street scene, lots of other computer nerds like myself, typing on their keyboards … hiding from conversation with their earbuds plugged in.  The coffee and the chai latte are great … AND finally … I tried one of these cookie whoopie pie things I have been hearing so much about in Pennsylvania.

I better get out of here, or soon I will have a review of the lunch menu as well …

For the uninitiated, the whoopie cookie is a couple of huge oatmeal cookes, cemented together with a chocolate creme inside and one half of the cook dipped in chocolate.  I choose to believe they are good for me.  I choose to ignore the sugar/chocolate coma in to which I have slipped …

I soon woke to Wi-Fi … free Wi-Fi at Prince St.  The hotspot is free and it allowed my to tweet and upload photos … and blog … just as fast as I pleased.  It seems to be a bit touristy (no Amish buggies anywhere) … but it is a great find.

Prince Street in Lancaster — Busy place, but the service staff tries to keep up. Needs more A/C …  The Wi-Fi is rather worldly and there is enough for even a Wi-Fi road warrior to feel a little guilty … 6 pings.

Know what I sayin?