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iPaint It Black … Remembering Steve Jobs Without Wi-Fi

October 6th, 2011 · Tags:Airports · Cities · Gadgets · Wi-Fi

Wow … Do you remember where you were when you learned Steve Jobs had died? I was a few hours behind the curve and heard it from my boss Chris from The Dirty Gig. It was the day I was headed from Harrisburg to Philly to Binghampton, NY via US Airways.

Here is what I will remember. As I boarded with my carry on loaded with an iPad (which I am using to type this blog in midair), an iPod, an iPhone and an Apple MacBook Pro … I noticed the ramp didn’t go all the way to the plane … And the plan had no jet engines.

What!?! A prop plane in 2011? Comparing my Apples to this ancient plane is quite a contrast in technology. (Guess i should’ve ridden the orange airline …)  Here I am carrying – hell typing on — a touchscreen that was the best technology Star Trek could fantasize just a few years earlier. Thanks Steve Jobs. On the other end of the spectrum, I am traveling via the same propellor technology The Wright Brothers used over 100 years ago!

Pity that Mr. Jobs didn’t take over and innovate this airline.

I never met him.  I never tried. Always respected him.  Owned just about every product he ever sold, that is, the ones with the Apple logo.  Wonder what a NEXT computer is worth today?

Only once did I ever have a bone to pick with him or his company.  Like Charlie Brown trick or treating, it was the day “I Got A Rock”:

Retail Gone Wrong — iPod

Did I even ask if the plane had Wi-Fi?

Well, I glanced down and saw the armrest of this vintage ANJ (airplane not jet) has a built-in ashtray. I will take that as a “no.”

As I travel, dressed head-to-toe in black, this sad day as we lament the loss of Steve Jobs — Mr. Jobs and his baby, Apple get 7 pings.

US Airways? Not so much. 2 pings awarded however, because we made it.

Know what I sayin?