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Roadtrip? Brooklyn Bros Gets Quirk On At #DIFF

April 15th, 2012 · Tags:Arts · Cities

After a long road trip, or two … nothing better than some quality time with a good film. Conveniently, The Dallas International Film Festival is running “down the street” through April 22. So, yesterday I cruised over to Big D for some big screen.


With a few films flagged in my book, I was actually early for once in my life. Rather than rush in to get a seat, I actually had time to consider the options.

And, before show time, I had a chance meeting with the film festival’s Artistic Director James Faust … In typical PingWi-Fi fashion, I sort of just blurted out whatever the heck was on my mind, and of course put him on the spot … perhaps at several levels.

“So, if I had to choose, and time doesn’t allow for both, which film should I see — “Vito” or “Brooklyn Brothers?”

(I had flagged “Brothers” because I knew it was about music, but was unfamiliar with “Vito.” There seemed to be a line forming for that film which would begin first.”

Truly the diplomat — dodging and remaining objective as a film festival representative, Faust handled it perfectly … “That’s a hard call …” as he continued searching for some misplaced notes to introduce the next film … He said he had been working on a blog too … but for me the casual user at the Magnolia Theatre … didn’t have access to the Wi-Fi hotspot. (What?)




“Brooklyn Bros”

Anywho … I chose option B — the 4 Bs — “The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best.” I stand by the decision … pretty good.

Without giving away everything, I will “hum a few bars.” A bizarre songwriter, through a bizarre meeting, teams up with a guy who collects and plays toy instruments. (Ha! I saw an ensemble playing on the street in Austin at SXSW a couple of years ago … same sort or instrumentation … I digress …)

While the songwriter is never rocketed to stardom, thanks to a wild adventure, he is able to leave his day jobs — attempting to sell real estate and also playing music for the less fortunate, dressed as a cartoon-like moose character.

Believe you me this travel blogger LOVED the fly-by-the-seat of your pants “planning” that went into the tour. That part was good. However there were some pretty slow, slow scenes between the quirky stuff. For my taste, some of the “laughs” were a bit simple … But overall … good things.

Ryan O’Nan (wonder if he ever was called “O’Nan The Barbarian,” by the copier guy, makin copies …) is cast in the leading role, carries the band and is director and apparently did his own stunts in a pink moose suit, dubbed the “under-moose.” Michael Weston is the zany children’s keyboard virtuoso.

There is a big-brown-eyes love interest, provided by groupie/road manager type Ariel Kebbel (Ha!, of “John Tucker Must Die” fame … adding another thread in the told tapestry. Oh … not a bad cameo by Andrew McCarthy and a quick glimpse of Jason Ritter too.

Best of all, toward the end and rightfully so, there is a poignant moment at which point the artist (one whom we can all relate with) says to heck with convention and risks all for the experience. Love that part, too!

“Brooklyn Brothers” didn’t get the best of my love, but plenty — 5 pings on the scale of 1-7 “ringy-dingies” we do here.

NOTE: Thanks to the success of my 12-step sarcasm-abatement program, I didn’t even mention the jerk who rudely asked me to move over before the screening, so he could sit his soft, fat ass down next to me, with his wife in tow … even though there were two-seat pairings available throughout the rest of the theater at the time. I believe the term he used was “arrogant” when I told him to go “ping” himself … Well … reluctantly, I moved over anyway, listened to him grumble about me being rude … as he then took over the armrest he and I shared, instead of him simply leaning the opposite way toward this woman, a woman whom I am sure must have been quite a wonderful prize in her own right … What was my line, I said to him? Oh yes, “So, now all of your personal comfort needs are met?” … LOL …OH … and yes the dude laughed at the most slapstick-like, predictable moments of the film … I digress …

After enjoying the film — the filmgoers not so much — I rushed across town for most of the red carpet event at The Angelika. Here are a few “scenes” captured at DIFF.

Know what I saying?

Brian Malone, Cindy Malone, Caitlin, Charissa

Brian Malone, Cindy Malone, Caitlin, Charissa -- Patriocracy

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Terrance Nance - An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty

Karin Hayes -- We're Not Broke

Karin Hayes -- We're Not Broke, Kelsey Bohlen, ReelNewz

Legend Brown, Kissed By The Devil

Legend Brown, Kissed By The Devil

Rebekah Kennedy, I Am Gabriel

Rebekah Kennedy, I Am Gabriel

Tailgaters, America's Parking Lot

Tailgaters, America's Parking Lot