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Santa Fe Magnetic Field, Mountain Medicine Affect Wi-Fi?

May 9th, 2012 · Tags:Uncategorized

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

… Sitting in “the evil” Starbucks in Santa Fe … It seems to be doing great business.  The line is almost out the door … So the people who shun the green giant — only supporting local shops — must be losing the war. (I support them all, if they have Wi-Fi.)

This Starbucks got every-little-ting — a faster, more robust hotspot than most Bux these days. I am listening to The Flaming Lips channel on Pandora, and the stream hasn’t rebuffered once … As I blog and do the social media thing as well. Ping be all multi-taskin …

Perfect scores usually don’t happen at some corporate coffee counter, but this one stands out. Starbucks on San Francisco in Santa Fe – great Wi-Fi, long padded bench seats for lots of bloggers, great Kuchina watching — perfect 7 of 7 pings.

As I blog I am humming a song, and have changed Lionel Ritchie’s lyrics to “easy like Santa Fe morning” (with some funky sampling of Radiohead’s “15 Step” sampled in ) … Yes this is easy street.  I got to the plaza early and easily grabbed one of several parking spots specifically designated for motorcycles.  The Native American merchants are still setting up shop – blankets on sidewalks to show off silver, turquoise and onyx bling. Everyone of course is so laid back.

Burro Alley

Burro Alley

I feel like I am a walking conversation piece, but I am sure it is just that easy-going Santa Fe vibe or medicine or whatever.  So far, compliments on the Triumph Speedmaster … The Nikon D7000 … Wait for it … And THE CHOPS! Oh those crazyhead chops …

No one complimented me on the large protrusion inside my jacket, though, as I rode.  I looked sort of like I had swallowed a midget.  Can you say midget? By the way, have your heard that little people in Florida are trying to repeal a law that prevents throwing midgets for comedic effect.  Apparently this used to be a trend, and some well-intentioned types put a stop to it in the name of good taste. Well … Now the .75 types are as up in arms as little people can be because jobs are scarce and they lost a good-paying gig.

Hey, there are worse ways to make a living than “gettin all throwed.” I digress.

Oh, back to the foreign object in my belly. Since I am on the bike and don’t want to tote around a big pack pack, I had my iPad tucked into the top of my jeans … Ha! Relax, it was only buried to layer one. Besides … Waiters do that! I still question that a person who serves food sticks his/her note pad inside their pants back there in crack city … Even if there is a sign in the bathroom that says he/she must wash their hands … Yes, I digress …

WT Prof., Walk Of Fame

WT Prof., Walk Of Fame

So, not only was I tucking the iPad, I also had the Nikon body dangling around my neck like a hood ornament on a rapper, under my  jacket and there was an 18-105 zoom in my pocket … (I have another little song I sing to myself in such cases … It goes “pack mule, pack mule” … Sung to the tune of “fat man, fat man coming around the corner …”

You don’t know that one?

Ha! As I was riding, loaded, I coined a new term regarding my concealed journalism weapons — I was “packin geek.”

Yesterday evening, I hit town and climbed the stairs to the Marble Brewery and Coffeeshop.  More excellence … Am I totally just easy? Has the supposed magnetic energy field of Santa Fe affected the needle on the pingometer?

Marble has free Wi-Fi, so good that the waiter commented to me about how many laptops were on the balcony overlooking the plaza … Buddy, you have struck up the right conversation with the right person … Great hot chai tea, shuffleboard table and a balloon sculptor on the street below – 7 magnetic pings.

Skate Kid

Skate Kid

Man what a fun trip! Can it be that the rugged rock faces and timbers and red strata vistas of New Mexico’s winding roads are even more beautiful on two wheels going fast?

I think so. FYI, I did I-40 from Amarillo (Old Route 66) west to Santa Rosa, N.M., and then headed north on 84 toward Las Vega, N.M.  Just before Las Vegas! You backtrack a little south on I-25 … Well worth the effort.  And I think the speed limit is just pretty much the honor system … I think I like this road better.  In the past I have gone further west to Clines Corners … But be forewarned, 84 is pretty much your own road on a week day.  That could be an issue if you break down.  I didn’t … Only slowed down a time or two to check out rustic old ranch structures, in shambles, but still enough sod brick left standing to require a closer look.

Take her easy … Oh by the way mi amigos … Photos added. but there was a delay because that nifty little 1stGen iPad tucked in me trousers is pretty much worthless when it comes to uploading photos, if your camera is not Wi-Fi enabled.  What was Apple thinking on that first model???

Know what I sayin?