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Entries from June 2012

Wi-Fi Highlights, Pingworthy Moments From The Blog

June 25th, 2012 · Tags: Cities · Hotels · Satire · Sports · Uncategorized · Wi-Fi

There is no question a writer can “be too close to” their work … or any “artist” can be too close … So, although I think this site is pretty easy to navigate, you never know. Therefore … for your ease, if you are interested, we have compiled a family-style buffet of PingWi-Fi entrees for […]

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Solar Power Rocks Trinity … Surely It Can Power Wi-Fi

June 18th, 2012 · Tags: Arts · Cities

The good life is filled with more and more knowledge every day … for me, especially in regards to music. No wonder I have hit it off with a new couple of music fans – John and Melanie. He teaches economics at TCU but was first identified as a potential BFF when I saw his […]

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PingWi-Fi Wipes Poo From Memory, Thanks To Posers

June 14th, 2012 · Tags: Cities · Satire

Yoga has been in our toolbox since 2003, but not in a very organized way. Typically, we do lots of stretching and a few embarrassing body twists but not even a namaste. We’re in it for the physical benefits … nothing spiritual about it — at all — for our purposes anyway. However, the other […]

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Don’t Think This Doral Wi-Fi Gig Is Sweet? What Ya Smokin?

June 13th, 2012 · Tags: Cities · Satire

The “Dirty Gig” — the disaster recovery job that pays a portion of the travel bills for this blog — has once again taken PingWi-Fi to Florida. There wasn’t a blog from the other recent visit, but just a few months back we were doing our thing at Kennedy Space Center … adventures ranging from […]

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