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Wi-Fi Highlights, Pingworthy Moments From The Blog

June 25th, 2012 · Tags:Cities · Hotels · Satire · Sports · Uncategorized · Wi-Fi

There is no question a writer can “be too close to” their work … or any “artist” can be too close … So, although I think this site is pretty easy to navigate, you never know.

Therefore … for your ease, if you are interested, we have compiled a family-style buffet of PingWi-Fi entrees for a samplin’.  Hope you enjoy … (If you should choose to play along, this will keep you busy for a bit …) And … if you are somewhat familiar with this blog, feel free to make suggestions of any blog posts that should have made the list.  Thanks!

Wi-Fi Blogs:

Wi-Flyin High With Gogo

A Place Swimming With Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi At Toyota Dealership

AT&T Wi-Fi Footprint – Huge

Pennsylvania Dunk, But No Wi-Fi

New Zealand Earthquake Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi A Gogo in Cucamonga

Music Blogs:

The Clash Interview

Keller Williams

Gene Ween



South Padre Island Festival


BÖC – Blue Oyster Cult

Sports Blogs:

Mark Cuban & Dallas Mavs

Armed Forces Bowl

Coach Mike Leach Rally

What Is This Thing Team Leach?

Colonial Golf

Ticket City Bowl

High School Baseball

Giants Stadium

Louisville Hoops

Baseball Hall of Fame

Hotel Blogs:

Aloft Not Aloof

Phulay Bay

Omni Fort Worth

Summer Hotel

Travel Blogs:

The Wizard of NZ

New Zealand, The 1st Time

Thai Motorbikin

Naka Island: Best Resort On Earth?

Santa Fe

Example of Road Trip

Blogs About Nothing:

Long Hair

A Ping Thing


I Gotta Rock

UFOs in Texas

Film Blogs:

“QWERTY” & “Sironia”


Dallas International Film Festival

Rock Video Director

Film Festival Connections

Know what I sayin?