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Jake’s Monday Night Wi-Fi Fumble

November 5th, 2012 · Tags:Restaurant · Wi-Fi



Monday Night Football!  What a perfect time to check out a new place for Wi-Fi.  Well Jake’s isn’t new to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, but this location on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth is a fairly recent addition to Westside.

(I stopped in here briefly before the Texas Tech/TCU football game a few weeks back and thought the burger join would be perfect for  a PingWi-Fi review.)

Hmmm … perfect?  Not so much.  i tried to get on the Wi-Fi network here two weeks ago with my iPhone, and the phone is still trying to access  the network.  I gave the laptop the night off, and opted to carry the iPad under my leather jacket tonight on the bike.  Guess what.  The iPad can’t get on line with the Wi-Fi network either.

Thank goodness for the built in 3G  wireless technology so I can get on line and rip this place:)

Let’s see … I asked two waitresses and a manager if they knew the name of the correct Wi-Fi network, the password, that sort of thing.  They didn’t really get the clue it was important to me. They gave me a password.  I should have asked for the correct passwrod.   That’s weird.  The manager assured me the password was correct, but added that “sometimes it takes forever.”

He wasn’t exaggerating … totally factual.

Looking back …

I think I was tagged “leper” in the eyes of the waitresses when I ordered water and a chocolate shake with my burger instead of a pitcher of beer.  Pretty sure all waitress know excess beer consumption … and short shorts equal big tips.  I was not following the formula from the get go

Both visits to this Jake’s location have provide an excellent hamburger … and the place is clean and smoke free … great foundations for a nice visit.

That’s about all the good I have to say.  Let’s see … if you have a decent burger (your speciality) then you have to have decent fries too.  Not this place, at least not this time.

I called over one of the non-passcode-bearing waitresses to check on my french fries.  “Are the fries always like this … crumbs?”  The sawed-off little fries were about the length of cigarette butts at the unemployment line … all of them.  No answer.

“Well, can I have a fork?,” I asked assuming she would go see if the kitchen had any Marlboro 100 size fries.  She would have none of this game and promptly brought me a  plastic fork.

Incidentally, the Wi-Fi program on my iPad just alerted me for the second time that the passcode I got from the waitresses is wrong.  Now there’s a shocker.

Just as soon as I finished my french fry remnants, the hovering waitress was over to drop off the check.  Two minutes later she was back and asked if I would go ahead and close out.

Ha … I reminded her that earlier I told her I was satisfied, but might want something later.  She took that to mean more water, I suppose.

Just got another reminder that I am not on the Wi-Fi network and that the passcode is worthless.   Ooh thanks … I was wondering about that.

This is ridiculous.

Is this the worst rating in the history of PingWi-Fi?  It may be — 1 ping for each disinterested waitress or 2 total.

“Do you mind closing out?”

I’m so out of here.

Know what I sayin?