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When Confused, People Tend To Do As They Are Told

November 7th, 2012 · Tags:Politics



Wow.  On the one hand the presidential election turned out how I expected.  I mean the social media luminaries, Hollywood and what’s left of the traditional media were all lined up to shine Barack Obama’s shoes (you can insert your own analogy there …)  And face it … most people in this new social media climate do exactly what they are told to do, or what everyone else is doing. Oh, like that’s so viral.  Viral … the new peer pressure.

On the other hand, I am at a lost for words.  I had hope Americans would realize what is going on and turn this thing around and preserve free enterprise and all the other American fundamentals that are now on the endangered species list.

So few people I know in person or “know” on Facebook settled “for more of same” after the previous four years of downturn.  Yet I am shocked at how biased and blinded some of my media friends are … barring a few … as if they have been mesmerized or whatever.  It is so weird, this crazy cult of personality thing.  And for that guy?  You’ve got to be kidding. So many journalists, who should be the most informed and objective,  recite the White House speaking points most …

But to use an overused cliched cliche “I’ve moved on.”

Because you  never know, maybe The  President will have a change of heart about this great experiment in liberty … the American system — this fruitful way of life … a political system that has made us the greatest country in the history of civilization.

But most pertinent — one Facebook friend reminded me that God is still in control … The God whom our forefathers fought to worship openly as they forged this country.

Know what I sayin?

(No, I guess maybe you wouldn’t.)