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You Have A Right To Be Big In Europe – The Glass Is Half Full

July 10th, 2013 · Tags:Politics

I was blogging at Starbucks when a young woman pushing a baby stroller bumped into the back of my chair.  Quickly I moved to make more room for her to pass when she politely said there was plenty of room for her to manage.


Beneath all my long hair, with my smiley obscured by a scraggly beard, she didn’t recognize me.

But I knew her instantly, and I have for years.  I know that she is a country singer and that she lived in Nashville “for a minute,” hoping to be discovered.  I have seen her perform several times and I like her raw, bluesy style, mixed with country sincerity.  Hmmm …. I would  place her style somewhere between Duffy and Taylor Swift, with a side order  of Janis Joplin mixed in.


I heard that her career in Nashville never took off. I can’t imagine the competition and the fight for survival to succeed in Music City.  She was so brave to leave the nest and strike out on her own.  She almost made it.  She released a recording … (I think she sang back up for other folks too) and although you may not have seen her on the Country Music Awards, she did build a following.


Unfortunately, her most fervent fans were across the pond.  My young friend has the distinction of having a #1 country hit in some Scandinavian country.  Any who … her song was played a lot on radio all over Europe.


That’s pretty impressive considering she won over Europe at 18.


But there is much more to her story … going back to when she was really young.  This singer-to-be spent the first year of her life in the hospital.  A tiny, tiny premature baby who defied the negative odds and clung to the positive …  the will to live.


She is living proof.


Although it is true this little baby was wanted, and she had two of the most wonderful people in the world for her parents, she was not all that different from thousands and thousands in our society who do not make it.  She was born when her mother was only 5 1/2 months through the pregnancy.  Yes, that is only 14 days older than the babies whose lives hang in the balance as the political debate rages in Austin. Fourteen days!


And those babies who will be affected one way or another by the passing or the defeat of the Texas law …  at 5 months, they too have reached a stage of viability, but potentially may die because someone else decides their lives are insignificant.


Who has a right to make that call in a civilized society?


Currently there is some intelligent discussion but also mob tactics and Orwellian propaganda trying to convince us the abortion issue is all about a woman’s personal rights and privacy … “her body.”  Such propaganda tactics:  “fetus” instead of child; “choice” instead of death; “a woman’s rights” instead of taking innocent life … Total doublethink.


Opponents of life have been successful in dodging the real  issue and an unbelievable number of misguided people have swallowed the pro-killing PR spin without questioning it and have become totally emotion driven … too blinded by hate to even see pure logic … unwilling to listen to the truth.


They have totally fallen for the diversionary tactic. (Whoever said evil wasn’t clever?)


Those who have really thought through all of this with an ounce of objectivity  know that as important as a woman’s rights are — as well as her lifestyle and her convenience, her education and income potential  — as important as all of that is – one’s rights do not supercede another’s … never … there is nothing to debate … especially  the rights of the  innocent and defenseless.



In Texas, we are on the verge of making a strong stand for one of the most basic, common sensical, pure-logic decisions ever … It is almost unimaginable that there are even two sides to this issue.  Yet it has turned into a war of words – morals vs dubious morals … hysterics vs. nurturing … complete with abortionists chanting “hail satan” as seen in the videos from Austin all over the Internet.  (At least those chanting are honest and telling it like it is.)


Have you really given that whole satan thing some thought? (There is a book you should add to your library, if you are not alarmed.) Activists on one side of this issue are claiming allegiance … openly … with evil. I digress …


Has this society lost all ability to discern between right and wrong?  Many in the liberal media vilify people who want to save innocent babies from painful, atrocious, torturous deaths.  The same members of the news gathering organizations proclaim the virtues of people who say it is their right to put themselves before all others … even if it means killing the most precious, innocent, defenseless …


How can it be politically correct to be so blatantly wrong?


Meanwhile, awesome, loving people are lining up by the thousands to adopt unwanted babies born in this country, and paying fortunes to do so.  Others are flocking to third world and former Soviet block countries.  We are taking so many Russian babies, it has become an issue with their leadership of whether we in the U.S.A. provide a moral enough culture for their unwanted. (Who would ever have predicted Russia questioning the morals of the U.S.? But of course, that is another issue …)


Back to the point.  That one tiny baby, at five and a half months, was a viable life then and she is now … and now she is a mother too.   She’s still a tiny thing, but  … she’s big in Europe.


While all this insanity has been floating around … it is all I can do to bite my lip.  Anyone who thinks killing a fetus at 5 months is a right is simply lost.  I don’t know how to say it nicely, or I would do so.  You have been fooled by propaganda.  Please give it more thought.  Yes, you are important, but so is everyone else, even if they live inside you temporarily.


Every child is not wanted, obviously.  Every child will not have an easy life.  That is life.


But any time a baby is allowed to live, there is always a chance they may become great … they may even be happy … they may beat the odds …  no matter how remote the chance.  When someone kills their child, there is absolutely no chance of a single positive thing for that baby … period.


As a society, shouldn’t we lean toward the positive … even if it is a longshot?  When did optimism become a bad thing?  When did we decide “the glass is half empty” is a good thing? I mean …  Isn’t that how our country was conceived? …  By good, strong, brave people standing up for the rights of all and having the fortitude to play the longshot … with a remote chance that things would work out.


Know what I sayin?