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Bedlam On Fort Worth Streets & On Hotspot Agenda

December 7th, 2013 · Tags:Uncategorized


HODG Dance 4

Today the hotspot of choice is the world headquarters of, since some of our other favorite Wi-Fi watering holes are locked up tight due to the ice storm throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


By the way … the roads are really bad — not terrible — but really bad.  IF the weathercasters and newscasters would convince people to slow down and avoid tailgating and spinning out … it would be fairly decent.  Instead everyone is on the road freaking out.


Oh well … it is football weather — best watched from the Ping Hotspot anyway.  First up, sheer Bedlam.  We expect to see The Oklahoma State Cowboys get some revenge for all the years they have been “owned” by the Oklahoma Sooners.


Uh … note … after we typed the paragraph above, OSU scored on the first play, a 75-yard run.  But of course, a beautiful run was negated by a silly holding call.  It was a good call.  Pity.


Today, it is longjohn and wool-lined slippers in front of the flat screen for football. Texas and Baylor coming up …  But, hopefully, soon the PingWF crew will be bouncing back and forth from press box to sidelines and back for a few of the bowl games we hit each year. FYI … Did you know the PingWi-Fi blog was the first to tweet an entire bowl game from the press box.  Some laughed at us.  Other’s followed us.  Now … everyone does it. Ha … in one of our links, we even have video of Houston’s star Case Keenum punting the football.  That’s rare.


Yes … we do football … typically with  a Wi-Fi angle … such as these:

Heart of Texas Bowl

 Frog Football Wi-Fi

Tech In Ticket City

Houston In Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl

Stay warm.  Enjoy!


Know what I sayin?