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Wi-Fi Guy Is Not ‘With Wi-Fi’ – Tweeting HOD Bowl Anyway

January 1st, 2014 · Tags:Sports · Wi-Fi

Oh no you dint! The Heart of Dallas Bowl has placed “The Wi-Fi Guy” in the press box where there is no Wi-Fi.  AWK-WARD.  So, we are hardwired.  Ha! I could barely remember how to get on an ethernet network … I mean it has only been about 10 years since I went totally wireless.


Regardless … we are working it, with the Mean Green of The University of North Texas facing The Running Rebels of UNLV.


Anywho … we are up and blogging.  The teams were warming up as we started this post.  Right after kickoff, we’ll head to the sidelines searching for any and all photo opps …


Meanwhile … test, test … are our tweets working?  If you are on twitter and wish to follow the game, this bowl game, unlike a few others I have seen, did their due diligence and put out a functional hashtag … follow #HODBowl.  And of course you can always follow @PingWiFi in a pinch.


Our thoughts from the twitter feed?:


  • #HODBowl Trivia: Only quarterback in this bowl history to score a TD as a receiver?  #WreckEM  QB Catches
  • Disagree wholeheartedly with #TheTicket love for Mack Brown this morning … Hit The Road Mack
  • No surprise this one … most TD passes (thrown) at the #HODBowl? Taylor Potts, Texas Tech – 4, 2011 … went 43 of 56, btw. #ESPN #WreckEm
  • That’s awkward. My seat in the press box at The Cotton Bowl doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Stealing it from another floor but SO-O-O-O slow. #HODBowl
  • Trivia … Who played in #HODBowl last year? HINT: 1 coach “is a man” & the losing team let me bang big bass drum. OSU Do, But PurDon’t
  • #HODBowl … “the horses are on the track.” Ha … Name that band?????
  • As I drove up 2 hours early, it looked like the Mean Green were here primarily to play corn hole (bag toss) … looking forward to #HODBowl
  • Worth repeating – Case Keenum finished college career at #HODBowl … ha … with a measly 532 yards in the air! #Texans #Houston
  • This bowl is higher on evolutionary ladder … already has hashtag up and running … woohoo! #HODBowl
  • Note to self: UNLV Rebels have a nice red cannon on field. Shoot photos slightly to one side. #HODBowl
  • Every new year should start with barbecue at 10:30 in a press box … somewhere! Wish it were THE Stubbs BBQ from Lubbock. #HODBowl #travel
  • The guy in charge of operations of #HODBowl is from my church. Praying I get a sweet, sweet bowl jacket.


So … we had kick off … Mean Green marched the length of the field … but couldn’t score.  #TWSS  UNLV could …


Know what I sayin?