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Rainin On My SpringBreak Parade … Wi-Fi At Dadeland Mall

March 20th, 2016 · Tags:Cities · Coffee Shops · Satire · Wi-Fi

Ha … those who follow The PingWF on social media probably noted a flurry of activity today.  This means two things.  I have a day off from The Dirty Gig … and rain is forecast here … so I am riding the Apple MacBook Pro, rather than the Triumph Thunderbird … at least for now.

Thus … Obama Does Cuba — the errant and corrected versions — posts on Facebook and Twitter … and the second of two blogs in two days …


I stopped in Dadeland Mall looking for an electronics store.  The Wi-Fi here in the foodcourt is pretty slow, but then again lots of people are using it … and probably trying to hack into my bank account right now.


Starbucks in this mall has no chairs!?! But there is a Cuban coffee joint where I am headed next.  Meanwhile …

Observations … Microsoft has a retail store here copying the AppleStore … except there are no customers. AppleStore opened later than every other retailer in the mall … (the old power thing about being late to the meeting) … and had a line of people waiting for the doors to unlock.

Tesla has a car in a store here.

I was going to try churro ice cream for the first time at Churro Mania, but sadly the churro machine is broken. Did you know there is a churro machine?:)


Some girl at a retail kiosk stopped me with one of those “Excuse me, sirs …,” the kind that normally precedes a hand massage with Israeli sea salts, but this time it was different. She said that I was tall and she needed help taking the black cloth cover off the retail case. I told her I would be back at 8 p.m. to help her close up. (Wonder if she stops a tall guy every workday???)


An elderly woman came over to me at the foodcourt with “a technical question,” since I was on my computer. “How were you able to plug in your power cord there? The space is so tight.” I resisted telling her “that’s what she said,” and at a loss, said I just plugged it in. “Maybe they have changed the bench since you were here last???”


Lastly, I pretended that I thought the three guys wearing gaucho pants and sash belts outside the mall were fresh off the plane from South America (rather than on break from a churrasco restaurant … all the meat you can eat, and all that). And as I complimented them on their traditional native garb, they were pretending that I was not an idiot.


Know what I sayin?