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Peace For A Life Advocate, Despite Role As ‘Roe’ Vs. Wade

February 18th, 2017 · Tags:Uncategorized

I just heard that Norma McCorvey passed away, perhaps best known as the “Roe” of the landmark Roe vs. Wade case, which of course paved the way for millions of legal abortions in The United States.

In the late ’90s, I got to visit with Ms. McCorvey when I gave her media training in Dallas. She was not the person I have read about today in some of the articles about her life. I will always remember how she spoke of being misled and even railroaded into her dubious position as the poster child for the abortion movement.

You probably know she reversed her opinion on abortion later in life and became a fierce advocate for the Pro-Life movement and a Christian. Two decades after the landmark case she still suffered greatly from the decisions she made in her youth and for her cooperation with an intimidating legal team with an agenda …

I am happy for her that she was able to overcome some of the guilt and focus her energy and emotions into the positive life movement. It took a tremendous amount of courage to take back her own life and to act on her convictions, in spite of all the criticism, rage and attacks she suffered from those who once thought of her as an ally in their war. I have no doubt she is at peace now. God bless her!

Know what I sayin?