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Fortress Festival … Music Shelter From The Storm

April 30th, 2017 · Tags:Arts · Cities · Music



Day one of Fort Worth’s Fortress Festival threatened to be a wash, but the clouds held as storms rocked further east around Canton, Texas.

As I parked the bike at Will Rogers, the thump thump thump of a heavy bass line was shaking the parking lot.  As I dismounted and walked through or rather around the gauntlet of closed access gates, closer to the stage, I could hear entertainers over the speaker system chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

This obviously was not the show for me.  I walked on looking for music and not redundant politics.


Matt Mooty

Matt Mooty

The smaller, more aesthetic stage was set up inside the perimeter fence of The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth on one edge of the reflecting pool.  Too bad it was a grey sky reflecting this day.

I caught 90 percent of The Burning Hotels’ set … easy to see why this local band has such a following.  Very energetic … at times punk-like … with some nice guitar thrashing.  And some thoughtful moment too.


Burning Motels

Burning Hotels

Getting ready for day two.  Pretty interesting bands today.

Know what I sayin?