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Happy Mother’s Day … From All The Pings

May 14th, 2017 · Tags:Uncategorized

Ping Family 7 sepia

Happy Mother’s Day! I thought about posting a portrait of my mom, alone in the frame, beaming, sporting new contact lenses … but chose this photo instead, despite her glasses so indicative of the time. This was her element — surrounded by her family. She was a city girl that moved to the farm. She was a twin girl, raised by her aunts, and then somehow she brought up four wild boys with a precious little girl (for somewhat of a break).

She loved us. She loved all kids. The only thing that made her more happy than being with her kids, was seeing her grandkids … and taking care of others. She was an interesting woman. She broke her tailbone when she sat in a baby chair as she was teaching toddlers in Sunday School … trying to teach them down on their level. She sat on that old injury through about 10,000 sporting events to cheer for her children and their friends. 

Later she kicked cancer’s butt and was a 30+year survivor … and most of those years after the surgeries and radiation, she spent volunteering at the hospital after her life was saved … hoping to convince others that they could beat it too.

If life had been different, she may have had an art degree and worked in advertising or gotten her teaching certificate … and yet she filled many lives with laughter when she became a substitute teacher.

She was one of the most creative people I will ever know. She never stopped having fun. She saw no reason to grow old. She is dancing in heaven today.

We all miss you Billie Jean Pieratt Pingel Long. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all.

Know what I sayin?