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Ping For A Day … Hanging In Queens

May 22nd, 2017 · Tags:Cities · Hotels · Politics

Kosher Food


Interesting. Tragic. Arriving in New York the day that a maniac crashed his car through a crowd of innocent people in Times Square.  OH to have been a Texan with a legal gun near that car to have taken the guy out before he killed an innocent girl on vacation in this great city.  Through terrible tragedies like this, I think someday, people will realize that it is not the weapon of choice that takes innocent lives, it is an evil or malfunctioning human.

The interesting thing is that President Donald Trumps trip to Saudi Arabia and now to Israel has garnered a few positive words from the “news” organizations — even in New York.  Shrewd move to bolster support from our great, storied ally Israel although the previous president chose to snub that country and its descendants here in the United States.


Well played Mr. President!

Sadly … the circus was in town, but no more.  Ringling Brothers circus played its final date in The Big Apple … and now it is gone. Way to go animal fanatics. Zoos you’re next …


The day we arrived the temperature at La Guardia airport was 97 degrees … a new record for the date.  Such a great atmosphere to enjoy the massive construction project at the airport, tying up traffic even more than usual.  It was a madhouse.  A travel pointer for La Guardia: perhaps just one sign pointing toward the rental car shuttle bus pick up … just a thought.


Manhattan Sunset unlevel

The team is stationed in Queens, affording a pretty decent view of the Manhattan skyline. Although Manhattan is just across the river, it seems like lightyears from this sleepy little borough. When I walked a few blocks around the hotel, I found about a dozen pizzerias and delis, and my new favorite, Polish markets.


Polish Ice Cream


I thought I had lived until I had my first Polish ice cream sandwich.  Man … No doubt, I will be on the lookout for Wi-Fi.  The Holiday Inn Express where we stay has a pretty decent hotspot throughout the hotel.  I was a little puzzled this morning when access was denied.  (Access was also denied when I tried to get on the roof for photos … I digress …) Then I remembered it is Monday.  Yes.  The hotel changed its password exactly 24 hours after I finally memorized the darned thing.

So … off to work I go … but itchin to get out in the city.  Wonder what celebrities I will run into this time.  Last time John Lennon’s son near the Metropolitan Museum of Art took first prize.

Have a nice day.


Know what I sayin?