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Top Offense, Stingy Defense Battle Under Houston Sun

September 24th, 2017 · Tags:Cities · Sports · Wi-Fi



Houston versus Texas Tech … a great matchup pretty much ignored by the favor-playing, subjective major media, but #IIWII.  The reality: the most prolific offense in college football was facing a team on a winning streak … a team led by the best defender in the country … a D squad that was giving up only 9 points a game … A game ignored except for someone’s quirky sense of humor — assigning the former, much-maligned, totally unsuccessful Texas Tech replacement coach Tommy Tuberville as a play-by-play announcer.  What were they thinking?

Meanwhile, the media machines shamelessly promote Texas Tech’s former second-string (or possibly third string) quarterback — Baker Mayfield —  for The Heisman … amazing how much better a QB he is with the best players in the country surrounding him.  Was The Heisman ever really about best individual player in the country, or has it always been a team award?  I digress.




Moving on … Houston’s TDECU Stadium provided excellent Wi-Fi, although the game-time temperatures and the sweltering humidity melted my handheld device and me:) No seriously, the Wi-Fi was excellent … a near perfect score … 6 pings.

Interesting to note that the game featured a patriotic rendition of The National Anthem, without any distractions for people who respect our country and appreciate those who have given everything to make this country the greatest on the planet.  I digress … Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the two teams were still inside the locker rooms during the anthem.  I am not for sure, because I was focused on The Color Guard and Old Glory. So, perhaps Houston game planners decided to skirt the issue.

Is anyone stopping to think? The kneeling during The National Anthem began as support for a group founded to support people who resist arrest by the peace officers who are charged with the deadly job of maintaining order in this country.


Another note: No kudos to University of Houston Sports Information folks who didn’t even respond to the PingWi-Fi request for media credentials, although we covered The Coogs before they were cool, back in the Kevin Sumlin/Kliff Kingsbury/Case Keenum days.  So be it.  The Ping sports action shots suffered, having to shoot from the bleachers, with the cheerleaders between us and the action.  Not a terrible thing, though. PingWi-Fi made the best of the situation.


Have Helmet, Will Travel





Tech Has D?

Being a lone Red Raider in a Houston Coogs stadium, I didn’t know what to expect.  But it was a lucky day.  A cool guy and his son — both rabid Houston fans — joked with me, complimented Tech and yelled their guts out for the other team all day … all while being an excellent host and friendly competitor — the way sports is supposed to be. Kudos to Houston for welcoming its opponents! Ha … later, the dude went to get a beer and food for his son, and all hell broke loose.  Houston scored immediately, after the Coog fans left their seats.  So, the rest of the game we superstitiously joked that he should go stand in line again, as Tech pulled away again on the scoreboard.  The Coog even offered to go stand in line just to buy me a water, if it would help his team.  Ha … we also were unified in our applause — for the flag, for injured players on both teams when they recovered … and especially every time a little cloudcover gave us some relief from the heat.


Kyle Allen

On the field, the game was pretty sloppy.  Tech pulled out a win, but had there been eight more minutes in the game, I am not sure the outcome would have been the same.  Both teams were zapped from the heat and humidity, but there is no doubt the guys from arid Lubbockland were feeling the effect more.  The Tech passing game never really found its rhythm, although there were a few nice plays.  The running game made the difference.  Is Tech’s Desmond Nisby the Red Raider’s most physical ball carrier since Bam Morris?  Regardless … he busted through from three yards out for Tech’s first touchdown, making it 13-0 in the first.  And he led the blocking for other rushers all day long. Tech led 6-0 early on two field goals … then later missed two field goals.

I haven’t poured over the stats, but in real time, it seems the Texas Tech defense is improved … greatly improved … gang tackling!



Interesting to note that Houston passed the ball more than Tech.  The Red Raiders’ Nic Shimonek was 29 of 45 passing on the day. A pair of Houston quarterbacks went 32 of 52. (Both Houston QBs are named Kyle … Aggie offspring?)

Houston QB Controversy

Texas Tech doubled Houston’s production on the ground, 200 yards to 110 yards.  Neither team did well on third down.  Tech failed to convert on 13 of its third-down attempts.  Houston struggled on third as well, missing out on 12 of its opportunities.  Not sure either team were on their game, although the quarterback change for Houston late in the game totally changed the momentum … but too little too late.  Overall, Houston turned the ball over five times, to Tech’s one.

It’s difficult to say how many Tech people were in the crowd.  Red Raiders were asked to wear black shirt in the stands, because Houston was decked out in red.  However, this Tech fan included, many ignored the black shirt invite because of the heat.


Wyatt, John

One of the better parts of the day was crashing a Houston tailgate party.  After circling around the Frat Row tailgates, I landed in the PES Alumni tent (Professional Excellence in Selling) … hosted by my nephew. Did you know The U of Houston is worldwide renown for its sales program? Anywho … excellent  breakfast burritos and cold beverages and friendly salespeople.  Ha … there was even a nice cameo by my “niece-in-law” Tara and young, 1.5 year old Cougarboy Wyatt.  Ha … the salespeople were handing off Wyatt like he was a box of crackerjacks … good family times.

So … it was fun … and although not pretty, it was a W against a tough team.

Know what I sayin?

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