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I May Be Indisposed, But I Know What You’re Up To

March 10th, 2019 · Tags:Coffee Shops · Gadgets · Satire · Uncategorized · Wi-Fi



It seemed to be a great revelation (to me) that if I left my JBL wireless headphones on, still playing music and around my neck while in the restroom of Starbucks — linked to my Mac laptop with a Bluetooth connection — I would know almost immediately if someone stole my laptop from my table in the cafe.

The music would stop when the thief got out of the short range of Bluetooth. Another good use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth …

Ha … But, what to do about it, if one is still in there answering nature’s call???

Well … I haven’t figured that part out. … Can’t really stop what you’re doing mid-stream and run down the street — with tissue stuck to your shoe — to catch the thief, can you?

Ha … but you would know someone ripped you off. That’s gotta be worth something.


Know what I sayin?