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Entries from April 2019


April 21st, 2019 · Tags: Uncategorized

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Happy 8-Track Day, Music Heads Of Yesteryear!

April 11th, 2019 · Tags: Arts · Music

YES! Thanks to fellow music head J-Ferg for pointing out that today is National Eight-Track Tape Day! 8-Track Holiday My first 8-track player was a used tape player-only unit  — no AM/FM, no turntable — with two eight-inch-square speakers — purchased from my neighbor Barry for 10 bucks. And so it begun …  The last […]

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Is Something Evil Afoot In The NCAA?

April 9th, 2019 · Tags: Sports

I dreamed about this. … Much more upsetting than the thought of my team losing the championship in overtime … “the how.” I am actually considering the ugly idea that there was a fix. Nothing against Virginia — they seem like good people. But the officiating definitely did not want Texas Tech to win. Too […]

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