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Annexico? Enhance Mexican Lives In Mexico!?!

May 10th, 2019 · Tags:Politics


Not being a political scientist, or historian or diplomat or economist —and certainly not politically correct — I don’t know why I should NOT ask this question.

Why doesn’t the Mexican Government put it to the voters in that country?  How about if the U.S. annexes parts of Mexico that may want to become a U.S. Territory?

Crazy right?  Or is it?

OH … it’s certainly not a new idea, but perhaps an idea that’s timing is more feasible.

Annex Mexico Movement

During a couple of months in the Mexican interior last year, I marveled at what looked to be miles and miles and miles of untapped agricultural potential throughout the countryside — a lush green, cultivated field here and there, surrounded by lots of unused land.  Certainly, I only saw the tip of the iceberg in the short visit.


No doubt there is much more of the Mexican culture and landscape that could be developed to bring in more wealth and opportunity.

I didn’t get to see the Mexican oil fields, but have heard about them and the wealth they should be generating — perhaps more efficiently.

I have seen firsthand the value of Mexican workers (specifically in a Japanese-owned factory) — skilled and laborers as well — who are definitely a natural resource of the large country to our immediate south.  

There is much to like about Mexico, except for how the resources are being managed or perhaps mismanaged.  Corruption and crime — total understatement.  Could a “new sheriff” turn things around and raise the area’s GNP thus enhancing the personal income potential of the masses … without requiring Mexicans to make the dangerous, illegal trek into the United States in search of a better life?  Why not improve the lives they have?

Couple all those thoughts with the growing number of Mexican people desperate to get into the United States, no matter what the cost.

If we entered the picture, could the U.S. turn the raw potential of Mexico into an economic titan?  Our history says yes.

Would the Mexican people welcome this?  Hordes of illegal immigrants staging at the U.S. borders would seem to be a resounding “YES!”

Now don’t go yelling “Imperialism!” or “Manifest Destiny.”  That would be all about us and not them.  I am not suggesting any kind of coup or hostile takeover or invasion.  How about letting the Mexicans vote on annexation … and then let the up-until-this-point useless U.N. oversee the elections and annexations, state by state.

Then let Mexicans be Mexicans and prosper at the same time, at home … with a little help from their friends.

In summary, if we build a border wall, how about we move it a thousand miles further south?

Know what I sayin?