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Blogs About Nothing

I Got A Rock

Today was like the weirdest. Did I win some retail sweepstakes or something? Check this out. I have been looking for an excuse to buy an iPod for myself … forever. I have bought them for others, but couldn’t justify buying one for myself. I mean … why, since I always have my laptop and Internet playing anyway? Finally, a good reason – my new car has a built in iPod jack. So, totally justified, right … practically mandatory as I see it …

And you would think it would be relatively painless …

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I have said it before, and I will say it again. As a child, I was swimming pool deprived. So, this afternoon I took a big shot of chlorine therapy. Ooh that smell … love it.

And naturally I spent some time in the deep end … figuratively speaking. Deep thoughts. Probably for 15 or 20 minutes I pondered why in the heck the lifeguards say anything to the kids. They don’t listen. The only thing that will cure a kid of “running at the pool” is a big concrete-inspired strawberry on the upper thigh and elbow. Yes that will do it. But on it goes. “Hey, don’t run” …

But here is where it got way cerebral. Fathom this. What is the other most repeated/ignored phrase in lifeguard speak? Yes! “Get off the rope!”

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UFO – Ain’t No 12th Man On No Mother Ship Or Nothin

How could anyone resist a quick drive over to Stephenville and Dublin in Texas’ Erath County, after a dozen of the good townsfolk reported close encounters of the weird kind – unidentified flying something-or-others in the Lonestar sky? Not me.

I hopped in my trendy, yet stealthy crossover and plotted a course west. Question one: why were all the news stories datelined “Stephenville,” yet the big investigative press event was hosted in nearby Dublin? That’s an easy one. Dublin has the Dr. Pepper museum and DPs made with real cane sugar – and perhaps the more visionary chamber of commerce willing to seize the opportunity.

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Are You Done With Those Magnets?

Is it against the law to have a little common sense?

Just the other day, I marveled at the obvious keen intelligence of my friends’ baby as he lay on the carpet of their den, playing with toys. He is only 9 months old, but he was able to reach up and spin the wheel on one toy, making it light up as it emitted all sorts of cool sounds. The plastic toy is shaped sort of like a globe, and the part that spins in the center of the globe. The infant had to learn which part of the globe to move, to get the toy to sound off. I was so, so impressed. Then he head butted the toy and tried to stuff it in his mouth. It wouldn’t fit, but I cut him some slack. I still believe he is exceptionally intelligent. But, he is a baby. That is what they do!

As I was thinking about this this morning and thinking how funny and cute … I turned on CNN for the morning news.

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Train In Pain

Why is it that when you go to a coffee shop or a bar, and you want other people to sit near you, there is no way. (This happens to guys, because they go places alone. My women friends tell me they always travel in packs, so it doesn’t apply.)

But … there is an exception – airplanes and trains. Nowhere is it more important for a human over 5 feet tall to sit alone. Yet, no one will allow it. I can’t figure it out. There is no leg room. Well on airplanes, this point is moot. Air carriers have made a science of cramming people into tin cans. Those of us that are shortness impaired (tall) have given up on any seat in coach. It is inevitable that we will be sitting with our knees tucked under our chins, like we are performing a really tight one-and-a-half from the high board.

I digress …

But, on the commuter train it is different. There are always open seats. So why in the name of all that is sacred do people take the seat facing you when half the seats on the freakin train are unmanned? I guess there is a different breed of person who commutes. Like, maybe they are the people who must constantly be communicating … commute … communicate … commune … hey it is the same Latin root. Who knows?

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What Is That Brown Mermaid Doing In My Drink?

Is Starbucks getting it’s mermaid on? Since I left the Pike Place Market bux a couple of years ago (photo in gallery of this site), I have seen neither hide nor fin of the original logo – the one with the full-monty mermaid, instead of the wavy-hair cameo version of the logo. In layman’s terms: green logo – typical; brown mermaid logo – retro. Ah … I just asked someone at the counter. Here’s the deal. The retro logo is to intro the new product – the Pike Place Roast, and will be used through June or so. Makes sense. Oh, those buxfolk! What will they think of next?

The Seattle brewers always amaze me with their marketing smarts. I marveled at the genius of their recent day-in-training promotion. Do you recall the day they closed shop and let everyone go through caffeine withdrawals for 24 hours. What better way to remind people how much we want – no need – no gotta have — our daily shot of starpower? … The most ingenious part of the plan was how the mom & pop shops played right into the hands of the green giant. Every independent coffee haus worth their beans ran a special promotion to give price breaks to Starbucks customers, hoping to woo their loyalties. It worked perfectly for the M&Ps … oh say … for about 24 hours. More likely the mom/pops just helped to create even more buzz for their nemesis.

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Even Cellists Gotta Let Go Sometimes

A quick business trip to Chicago conjured up memories of my Wi-Fi Guy trip and travel blog from a few years back. (I drove, explored, blogged and complained about Wi-Fi or the lack of …Long story …)

Anyway, during this trip there was a little extra time to kick around, so I went on a quest for Wi-Fi. It seems some things never change. Millennium Park is still one of the coolest things I have seen. It has this huge, stainless steel sculpture that reflects the entire skyline, and alters the buildings’ reflections like gawky teens in a funhouse mirror. It looks like a UFO, not that there’s anything wrong with that and not that I have ever really seen one. It is the size of a small office building, only more round … and did I mention shiny? If you have ever played with the mercury from a broken thermometer, well … it looks like a huge glob of mercury. (By the way, don’t play with mercury. It will kill you. I don’t know how I am still alive.) People flock to this sculpture to take photos, which makes them excellent fodder for people watchers like me. (Hmmm … no big Wi-Fi access point like I expected, though.)

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Sharing Big Love For AFI Dallas International Film Festival

Dallas/Funky Town types … I highly recommend you get out and support the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. Last year was pretty cool. Already there seems to be much more buzzfactor this year. Last night, I attended a couple of events at the W and at The Ghost Bar. Excellent view. If you get up there to the Ghost, check out the new Hunt building on Woodall Rodgers, to your right down below if you are on the Ghost Bar catwalk. It looks like a giant jukebox with its everchanging colored neon features. Oh, jukebox? … for those in the post iPod generation, that was a colorful music box once found in pizza joints.

BUT … somebody tell me why they aint no Wi-Fi in the Ghost Bar!

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No Cause To Be Found At The Traffic Jam

As I sat and stared at billions and billions of cars blocking me from my destination this morning, I made a moderately insignificant observation.

Actually, the moment of sub-enlightenment was just a few minutes later when the traffic started to move. The traffic had been touch and go for several miles, the way it always clogs when there is a wreck on the freeway ahead of me.

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Tonight’s Winning Numbers Are …

No question about it. I blog for my own enjoyment, and of course to “stay in fighting shape” in the event that I someday may launch another professional blog. So, I try to stay at it. But, sometimes work, life and lack of inspiration get in the way.

What’s a guy to write about, knowing that his blog is in a category known as “Blogs About Nothing?”
Don’t get me wrong, inspiration can come from anywhere. My old standby is The Associated Press “this day in history” e-mails. But, lately that has not tripped my trig.

Oh but this universe is just full of surprises. Last night I sat in my usual perch at Bux – an easy chair tucked away in the corner, which some have referred to as “my office.”

Well … “somebody’s been working in my space. And they left me some leave-behinds.”

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Dubyah, Dubyah “On Two,” Ready? Break!

No, not that Dubyah …

Time for a Wes Welker update as New England continues their perfect season, which hopefully will culminate with a Super Bowl dance with The Dallas Cowboys.

Why the fascination with WW? Google him or watch a game. He is about the smallest guy in the NFL. He might be “6 feet nothing,” but I don’t think he is even that tall. Yet … big yet! … He has become the number two receiver for the Pats. And, oh my, has this confused the sports journalism world! By comparison, even the sportswriters and sportscasters can figure out Randy Moss is a force … What is he 6-5, with lightning speed, physical play and great hands? But Welker …. “Isn’t he the mini me picked up from the Dolphins? (who haven’t won but one or two games since Welker left … although I am not implying that is the reason.)

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