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Sharing Big Love For AFI Dallas International Film Festival

Dallas/Funky Town types … I highly recommend you get out and support the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. Last year was pretty cool. Already there seems to be much more buzzfactor this year. Last night, I attended a couple of events at the W and at The Ghost Bar. Excellent view. If you get up there to the Ghost, check out the new Hunt building on Woodall Rodgers, to your right down below if you are on the Ghost Bar catwalk. It looks like a giant jukebox with its everchanging colored neon features. Oh, jukebox? … for those in the post iPod generation, that was a colorful music box once found in pizza joints.

BUT … somebody tell me why they aint no Wi-Fi in the Ghost Bar!

Quick star gazing moment at the festival last night, in the W: Texan Bill Paxton, sans his three wives from the HBO’s Big Love soap-on-steroids. What a great example of how cool the Dallas Film Festival can be. There are a few stars running around, and they are mixing with the commoners like me. It doesn’t have that “no-access” feel that is growing and growing at Sundance Film Festival … the bigger and more glamours it gets.

Check it out. Good stuff.