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Easter: Wi-Fi Knievel ‘Rolls Tide’

April 1st, 2016 · Tags: Satire · Sports

    I consider myself to be fairly visually oriented, which probably explains why I take so many photographs and also stare at people, totally unaware.  It goes back to my roots.  … Watching the spinning shadow of the windmill on the farm … tracking dusty whirlwinds across the wheat fields … waving at the […]

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Wi-Fi Whistling Dixie

March 30th, 2016 · Tags: Cities · Satire · Sports

A Facebook post led to a fun discussion on whistling.  Who can?  Who can’t?  Is it genetic?  A learned trait?  Who’s to say?  Can you whistle? I was a sophomore in a basketball game with a bunch of older guys out on the court. We were playing nearby Adrian. Adrian had a big guy, a […]

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Who Got Game? Major Coincidence For SC Primaries

February 11th, 2016 · Tags: Airports · Cities · Satire · Sports

    Decades ago, I was offered a position at a daily newspaper in a mid-sized Texas city.  I was very appreciative.  Print journalism jobs were not that easy to find.  However, the paper — although a Pulitzer Prize winner “in my own backyard” — was not my first choice.  I, of course, wanted to […]

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Bowl Season Coming To End & Not A Drop To Drink!?!

December 31st, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Sports

I quit drinking a long time ago for various reasons … none of which are very dramatic or interesting. But last year, as a joke, I claimed to have made a New Year’s resolution to “start drinking again.” How’s that for counter-culture, messed up? Well … as New Year’s resolutions tend to go, I have […]

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Armed Forces Bowl: Goff’s Bear Raid Overwhelms Air Force

December 30th, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Sports

    For all of the football philosophers out there, the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl proved this. IF two teams are pretty much equal in defensive skills and physicality, the team that airs it out vs. the run-oriented team will dominate. It’s all about scoring efficiently. Many repeat the cliche, “Defense wins championships.” But, […]

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Washington Huskies Take Zaxby’s Heart Of Dallas Bowl

December 27th, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Sports

      “Are we on offense or defense?” That’s what I asked my teammate Les, just before we lined up. He set me straight and pointed where to line up, and the quarterback threw me a pass, that I caught. (Ha … I didn’t make very many yards after that catch, but then I […]

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Wi-Fi Hall Of Fame … I Got Your Back At Starbucks

November 6th, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Coffee Shops · Sports · Wi-Fi

Years ago, I started blogging about Wi-Fi because strangers would approach me in the coffee shop and ask me how my computer was on line … keep in mind that was 2003.  Wi-Fi was not ubiquitous then as it is now.  Do you know anyone who doesn’t use Wi-Fi? You see people of all ages, […]

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Pinging ‘Powerhouse That Shouldn’t Be’ – 60 Minutes

September 24th, 2015 · Tags: Sports

A throwback to when journalism mattered, 60 Minutes began on CBS, this day, 1968. Here is a salute featuring the best episode we know, a piece by CBS News Anchorman Scott Pelley, a Texas Tech graduate. Know what I sayin?

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German Precision, Basketball Converge At DIFF2015 – DIRK!

April 15th, 2015 · Tags: Arts · Cities · Sports

Confession. I never got over the disappointment of the Dallas Mavericks allowing Steve Nash to slip through their fingers to free agency, reminiscent of how the mop-headed point guard eluded so many star-studded defenses during his all-star career. Arguably the best soccer player to ever quarterback an NBA team … Nash revolutionized the point guard […]

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Armed Forces Bowl > Pinged Wi-Fi At Best Bowl Of Season!

January 3rd, 2015 · Tags: Cities · Sports · Wi-Fi

It’s no stress to cover a football game with no vested interest … The outcome didn’t matter for me at the cold and drizzly Jan 2 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth. My school had packed up for the winter.  Jan. 2 bowl … no great expectations either …   Then a funny […]

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