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Method 2 Madness

Ping Is Like Bling …

Other researchers use a scale of 1-7 to measure an opinion or level of interest. Who am I to argue with “science?” But if PingWi-Fi were to add a little color to the rating system, what should we call the points? Stars, maybe?

Stars are overused. Thumbs are limited to two or four, depending on your ancestry. Last time, for the Wi-Fi Guy blog, I used a scale of 1-7 body piercings – which made no sense at all (and of course, I loved that).

This time I wanted something snappy … but most of the new ideas just didn’t have as much zing as body piercings … so … What about “PINGS?” Hmmm … Seems to be a natural choice. (It’s piercings, only abbreviated.) Me like!

Let me break it down:

Ping 1 Ping, 1 Ping Only:

This rating is better than nothing, or is it? … To earn 1 Ping the place must be sort of — shall we say — a dive. If it were a mercy killing kind of thing, there would be no rating at all. 1 Ping means all pain and no gain – like a slow agonizing death. Simply put … the place is under the radar … or sonar … or whatever.

Ping Ping Ping 2-3 Pings:

Now we’re getting somewhere! There is potential, and there is probably an obvious thing or two that can whip the place into shape. Try harder. It is not a wasted cause.

Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping 4-5 Pings:

This is a good find – a cool place with a strong signal (or vibe) and lots of juice – atmosphere and electricity. It’s about as good as it gets on any given day.

Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping 6 Pings:

Now this is a special place. The planets have aligned, and no one was hurt. Strong signal, energy, cool people and possibly a hip t-shirt for sale.

Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping 7 Pings:

Dang … Of Ping I sing! … Nirvana, Mecca and Candy Land all configured for compatibility. Coolest of the cool! Perfect score. (… Real estate that devaluates when someone like me comes through the door.)