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What is Wi-Fi?

Many say it is an abbreviation for wireless fidelity. Other’s say that is nonsense, that the word only mimics Hi-Fi (or high fidelity) in appearance. Thoughts? In lay terms, Wi-Fi is the technology that allows the laptop nation to camp out, hours on end, working on line at the coffee shop. Our friends at Wikipedia have this to say:

Wi-Fi is the trade name for the popular wireless technology used in home networks, mobile phones, video games and more. In particular, it covers the various IEEE 802.11 technologies (including 802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11a).

Wi-Fi technologies are supported by nearly every modern personal computer operating system and most advanced game consoles, printers, and other peripherals.

If you really want the skinny, visit the Wi-Fi Alliance site at:

We don’t pretend to know “how to take the automobile apart” but, when we get in, “we can drive really fast.”

What is a ping?

Well Ping is a Chinese film director, but perhaps more pertinent, ping also refers to a tool used to test whether a particular Internet host is reachable across an IP network. Pings also are used to self test the network interface card of a computer, or as a speed test. Historically, one might also remember that ping is a sounding – an electronic pulse sent to locate and identify unknown objects (under water). (That one is our favorite.) And ping can mean the time required for a message to make a round trip. Round trip … road trip … thus the name.

Who is PingWi-Fi?

D. Kent Pingel finally conceded, allowing his lifetime nickname to stick. In his first blog, he was called The Guy. Ping considers it a promotion of sorts to now be called Ping. Ping, Pingel … whatever! The guy has been around in communications circles for 20 years as a feature writer, a journalist, a PR type, an advertising guy and a rock trivia buff. He do like to travel.

Can I buy PingWi-Fi merchandise?

Absolutely not. That would ruin our chances to earn non-profit status. Just kidding. Of course you may. Knock yourself out. See the PingWare button at the bottom of our Home Page. Home Page? What, you can’t find that either. Come on … “Crib” … “home” … get it?

Can I download photos?

Okay. We will play your silly game. “I don’t know, can you download photos?” Again … apologies. Most of the photos on the site will be available as medium resolution files, to “conserve real estate” on our Web server. Feel free to download them. If you absolutely just have to have one of the shots in high resolution, contact us at Perhaps we can be persuaded.

How do I add a Bogus Band name?

What? You mean we forgot one? No, actually we are surprised that other adults play this silly game too. Show us what you got. Send the most bogus of the bunch to . If we like, we post. All submissions are reviewed basically depending on our mood at that moment, and there is little more rationale than that. No. We will not send the name back to you.

Why can’t I post on your blog?

Well now, is Ping your name too? In all seriousness, the attorneys have scared the beegeebers out of us and quite frankly … aren’t there enough places on the Web where people can spar? I mean … someone expresses their opinion. Then the other side of the fence counters. No one budges an inch in their theology. Furthermore, it seems most of the blogs have a core of people who post, over and over and … Not that there is anything wrong with it. We just think there are other mountains to climb. IF … If we receive a really insightful comment via e-mail. We will post it directly into a blog entry. Fair enough?

How do I suggest a Hotspot for review?

Gifts with a dollar value less than $23.79 are considered by our management to be an ethical gray area, and beyond the scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service, withstanding the unlikely event of an audit. Start there. Actually … if you find a cool Hotspot, do tell. We may check it out. If your company or your client is developing a new concept that includes wireless connectivity … we are all ears. Ping us! Send a nice note to . We are interested in yet another coffee shop, swank hotels, Mom/Pop hang outs, parks, bullet trains, late model Chryslers, jumbo jets with lots of leg room … buses? … well, maybe.

Where are you going next?

I think I will get up and go get a refill. Oh … on the trip? Hard to say. What is today? Our schedule is subject to change, but the goal is to canvass the entire United States. And, there are a few places abroad on the short list. We recommend checking the rest of the blog for specifics.

How can I keep up with PingWi-Fi and his adventures?

Have you thought about bookmarking the site? And if you can’t get enough – live dangerously. Sign up for the PingWi-Fi RSS feed — really simple syndication. (Did that really warrant an abbreviation, people?) Also, when possible, we will contact media in advance, in the cities that we visit. Hopefully, they will help us get the word out. Please read, and we will try to deliver a quality product.

Does Ping do personal appearances or speak at seminars?

That depends. Thanks for asking. I have, and I will. Let’s see, I have spoken on the joys of blogging for fun, if not profit, at three events for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA – now there’s an abbreviation that I can get behind) … also, an interactive marketing group in Dallas … a mass communications week at my alma mater … I guess that’s about it. I turned down a request from Kodak a few years back. Dang, my own Kodak moment! What was I thinking?

What else?

You tell me? We are here for you.